Half Up/Half Down Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Carrie Underwood

Styling Ideas for Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hair isn’t always the easiest to work with – especially when you’re in-between styles and not sure where you want to go with it. Hairstyles that look chic and sexy with long hair don’t exactly suit you and your shorter hair. So what to do when you’re eager to style and not so sure how to do it? We suggest going for the half up half down look. It’s cute, sexy, and you’ll be sure to turn heads with these simple pointers. Before we get started on how to, there are a few tools you may need at your disposal to perfect the half up half down.

The half up half down hairstyle for medium hair

For starters, a teasing comb or brush should be a staple, and for a half-up half-down hairstyle, it’s almost mandatory. We love the Spornette Little Wonder Teasing Brush. For around $5 this brush is a great addition to your styling tools. It’s a narrow brush with a combination of nylon and bore bristles set at different heights which makes it perfect for backcombing. The end of the brush is long and pointed, good for separating and picking up sections to tease. This brush allows you to get a full bodied look with any hairstyle.

The next go-to style tool you need for this look is hairspray. Added height gives the style more of an edge. Ojon’s Color Sustain Gloss Finishing Hairspray boosts vibrancy in colored hair, is filled with conditioners, and gives a lightweight hold which is perfect for the half-up half-down style.

The half up half down hairstyle for medium hair

The best way to get the most beautiful half-up half-down look is to keep things soft and focus on accentuating the volume that can come from having shorter layers. Use your teasing brush to create two different layers between the top and bottom of your head. This can be as thick or thin as you desire. Avoid gathering too much hair – you don’t want to end up giving yourself a mangled ponytail. Use a hair elastic or a small clip and push your hair towards the base of your head and up. This will create height that you can hold with hairspray. If pieces fall down around your face, no problem – embrace a softer look.

The half up half down hairstyle for medium hair

Most importantly, the look should be fun and sexy! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable! Create your own style with it’s own edge, there are no-rules to the half-up half-down hairstyle.

The half up half down hairstyle for medium hair

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