Halloween Hair For Men


Halloween Hair; the Most Memorable Men’s Movie Manes

With Halloween right around the corner, I only just started thinking of costume possibilities. If I even dress up – the menfolk don’t have the option of just slapping ‘scantily-clad’ in front of a noun – I usually find myself as a favored film character. I mean, how many of you have fashioned an Indiana Jones costume at some point in your life? Although Indy prefers a fedora, there are a few other epic film Halloween hair ‘dos in the past decades. Such as…

1990’s Edward Scissorhands was a lady-killer. No joke. Completely grown-up and reasonable women go bananas over this imaginary gothic sweetheart. With that overtly wild mountain of a coif, jet black and standing on end, he managed to make the Cure’s Robert Smith look like a choir boy. The pale and pasty look would accidentally launch a decade of trendy imitators. Tim Burton’s candy-colored world was the perfect palate for framing Johnny Depp’s timid freak (with a heart of gold, of course).


After Travis Bickel snaps in 1976’s Taxi Driver, he fashions a pop-out gun to strap to his forearm and shaves his hair into a Mohawk. This is no remedy for male pattern baldness. It was an extremely tough look at the time (the punk style has clearly been watered down in the last 35 years). The sides are totally shaved down and wax likely props up the front. He knows he’s well past snagging Cybil Sheppard or taking Jodie Foster under his wing. It’s getting-down-to-business time.


Much has been said about the career-changing roles taken on by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in 1994’s Pulp Fiction. As legend goes, Quentin Tarantino had requested an afro wig when the prop department procured the shiny, tight Jheri-curl look that Jules Winnfield would become known for. Travolta was widely known for suffering hair loss, so who would’ve guessed his new gangster look would be a shoulder-length, slicked back pageboy? These were not popular styles in the mid-90’s. But fifteen years later, you wouldn’t even need the suits to pick these two out of a line-up. Classic Halloween hair.

Contributing author Jim Chaffee A barber and freelance blogger on men’s style issues and hair loss, prefers St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween. He also loves alliterations and every single Harrison Ford movie. Even Air Force One.