10 Mistakes My Clients Make

Woman pulling hair in frustration of trying to maintain healty hair

Woman pulling hair in frustration of trying to maintain healty hair

The Top 10 Things My Clients do That Drives Me Crazy

Keeping clients hair healthy for seventeen years has been a passion of mine. That job would be so much simpler (and for sure less expensive) if my clients just followed a few simple insider tricks. Day after day hair salons watch customers walk through the doors with these self-inflicted wounds:

  1. Not using professional products, such as shampoo, conditioner, and styling agents. Always use professional products, or whatever your hairdresser prescribes for your particular hair and its issues.
  2. Blow drying and, or heat styling, without using any styling product or thermal protectants. Always use styling products to protect your hair from any thermal styling. Not only does it protect your hair, it holds the style and gives your hair better “curl memory”.
  3. Using thermal styling tools on high or over 325 degrees. Never go past 350 degrees on any of your irons. You can actually burn and melt your hair and it will look like straw.
  4. Overheating the hair with a metal round brush while using and a blow dryer on high. This technique will do just as much damage (if not more) than curling and flat irons.
  5. Securing the hair back into a tight bun with any kind of hair band when the hair is wet. This practice causes breakage and damage to the outer perimeter of your hairline you’re your baby hairs). When the hair is wet, it is at its weakest point, and is more prone to break. You are then left with a halo of breakage after a period of time. Try using less tension or a chopstick to put your hair up; this will cause less damage than from an overly tight hair band.
  6. Combing or brushing the hair roughly when it is wet. Just because it does not hurt your scalp does not mean it is not hurting your hair. As I said in the previous paragraph, when hair is wet, it is at is weakest point. Brushing or combing forcefully will cause breakage and split ends.
  7. Cutting one’s own bangs without a bang trimming kit. It is not only dangerous but usually ends in a disaster of some sort.
  8. Misleading your hair stylist about previous hair color services performed. As a hair colorist, when we color or highlight your hair the truth always comes out. There is something called “the law of hair color” if you lie about, or “forget” about your last color process, your new color could be hideous. And cost you a fortune to fix with corrective hair coloring. Tip: Hair grows six inches a year…so if you colored your hair 6 months ago, most likely the chemical residue still on your hair.
  9. Picking out a hairstyle that does not match your own hair texture, style, or personality. No matter how talented the stylist, there are certain things we are not able to do… such as perform the miracle of cutting texture (waves, curl, etc.) into or out of hair. By picking out a hairstyle that does not work with your hair texture is going to cause you to have to do a lot of styling usually. Most of us don’t want to deal with that process every day or morning.
  10. Using old products and thermal styling tools. Such as blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. As for products, they do have a shelf life. If you have a hair care product for over a year, toss it. Products are a haven for bacteria, especially when leaving shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Not only does it get diluted, it gets cooties eww… If your blow dryer is over 2 to 3 years old toss it unless it is some glamorous 300 dollar blow dryer. When blow dryers get old they usually continue to get hotter and hotter over time, not weaker or cooler. I have had many clients get new blow dryers along with new water filters. In doing so, I have personally witnessed 180 degree differences occur with the integrity of my clients hair.

Listen to your hair stylist. We are here to help you

Guest contributor ChristiCat is Professional licensed hair and makeup artist in Santa Monica CA. Christi has had 17 years of hair styling and hairdressing experience with extensive Vidal Sassoon & Bumble and Bumble training. She is the creator and CEO of Purrrfect Bangs, The Bang Trimming Kit by ChristiCat and also a freelance writer you can follow ChristiCat on FaceBook.