How to Color Hair Without Tears


Coloring Your Hair – Some Dos and Don’ts

While it can be fun to experiment with hair colors and they can be a simple and effective way to hide unwanted gray hair, you do also need to be careful about hair color. If you’re coloring your hair yourself at home, here are some dos and don’ts you should follow:

Do follow instructions

When they tell you to do a patch test for detecting allergies, do it particularly if you’re going to use a new brand of hair color. If they tell you to leave the color on for X number of minutes, do it. Less time means you don’t allow the color to penetrate the hair shaft adequately and too much time will mean hair damage. Also when they say ‘discard unused mixture’, discard it. Don’t try to use it again later. Also don’t premix the hair color in advance.

Do use appropriate products

If you want gray coverage, reach for hair color specifically formulated for gray coverage. Fashion colors will not do the job well and you will be left with garish orange strands among your hair.

When you have used hair color remember to look after your hair well. Deep condition your hair regularly. Use products that are formulated for color treated hair – this will help minimize hair damage and also help keep your color truer for longer.

Do protect yourself and your surroundings

To prevent your hands and nails from getting stained use gloves religiously. To avoid your facial skin or ears getting stained apply a layer of petroleum jelly along your hair line and on your ears. Protect your clothing by using a cape, old bathrobe or similar item. Also remember to lay out paper on the table, dresser or counter top that you plan to use.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations

You see a glossy, shiny dark blond haired model on the box and pick it up thinking that your hair is going to look like that in a couple of hours. You would be doomed to disappointment. Your original hair color has a lot to do with what the final result will look like. Not only that, the porosity of your hair and other factors will determine how well the color takes. So try and pick colors that are close to your original hair color for best results.

Don’t compound your woes

So you got a hair color that said ‘auburn’ on the box and your hair turned our rather different. Be careful not to rush out and get another hair color package to try and rectify the mistake. The results could be terrible – not only do you run the risk of getting a frightful color result; you may also end up damaging your hair. So if your DIY color job was something of a disaster, let the experts minimize the damage. Consult a hair stylist at the salon and ask about your options.

Don’t overload your hair

If you’ve recently had a perm or had your hair rebonded, wait at least 14 days before getting a hair color treatment. It is best not to mix up your chemicals.

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Guest Author Sarika Periwal promotes the use of natural remedies for common health conditions and even for coloring hair! You can naturally color your hair using recipes formulated from natural food and plant items. Use natural remedies to prevent grey hair in the first place so you won’t be forced to color.