How to Grow Out Gray Hair

Woman with grey hair tcut and styled into a medium length, undercut bob hairstyle

Woman with grey hair tcut and styled into a medium length, undercut bob hairstyle

Growing out Gray Hair can be a Challenge

If you have ever colored your hair, you probably know that growing out a hair color can be bothersome. At times it can even seem hopeless. Before you pick up another hair color bottle, read this. Below are tips that will help you in growing out your gray hair. Maybe you are thinking about growing out your gray hair sometime in the future? If so, bookmark this page!

Be Patient

Your hair grows an average of ½ inch per month. Some researchers believe that scalp massages will make your hair grow faster. The theory is that the nutrients are able reach the hair shaft at an expedited rate when you increase the blood flow. What do we think? Scalp massages feel wonderful, and if they could potentially help grow your hair faster . . . why not relax and enjoy?

The various foods that make up a healthy diet drawn inside of a heart

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet and Take a Multi-Vitamin

A number of vitamins are linked to hair growth. Below is a list of these vitamins and the healthy foods that contain them.

  • Vitamin B – is the most common vitamin that is linked to hair growth. Foods that are rich in vitamin B include turkey, bananas, oats, potatoes, tuna, and avocados.
  • Vitamin E -helps your hair grow by increasing your blood circulation. Spinach, sunflower seeds, almonds, collard greens, and bell peppers are all excellent sources of this vitamin.
  • Vitamins A, C, and D – aid in the speed of hair growth as well. Foods, like sweet potatoes, carrots, and kale, are packed with vitamin A. Papaya, strawberries, pineapple, and broccoli all have high percentages of vitamin C, and vitamin D is plentiful in salmon, milk, sardines.
    Jamie Lee Curtis at the Los Angeles premier of You Again with a short, gray pixie haircut

Cut Your Hair Short

It may go without saying, but this is a biggie . . . the shorter your hair is, the less time it will take to grow out your gray hair.

Try a Temporary Hair Color

Temporary hair colors, or rinses, wash out with one shampoo making them an excellent option when growing out gray hair. These colors come in so many fun colors, (like chocolate kiss or white minx) and they need no activator, no peroxide and no mixing! They are easy to apply and ready-to-use.

You can find these hair colors in the form of a rinse, crayon, or mascara. Look for them in beauty supply stores, online, or even some large retail stores carry these temporary rinses.

Lady Gaga in 2010 with an artificially colored grey hair color

Color Your Hair Gray

A natural looking gray hair color is hard to achieve, so we don’t recommend attempting this one at home. Find an experienced hair colorist who is comfortable with this procedure to create your best results. Or, become knowledgeable on the subject from the guru with “Going Gray, Looking Great!.”

Meryl Steep at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards with light, golden blonde hair

Color Your Hair Blonde

This is a good option for those with naturally white hair. Light blonde hair is so similar in tone to white hair, coloring your hair blonde will make the transition less challenging.

Get Highlights

Highlights are an excellent option for those with blonde or light brown hair. Although you are still coloring your hair, it can be a great solution. Each time that you go to the hairdresser, ask for fewer highlights to be added to your new growth. Eventually your gray hair will blend with your highlights and grow out with ease and style.

Get Lowlights

Woman with dark hair can benefit from this service because lowlights are the darker version of highlights. Find a colorist to perform your service with a semi-permanent hair color, and each time you return, request fewer lowlights. Before you know it, you will have beautiful gray hair, and any remaining semi-permanent hair color should wash out within a few weeks.

Wear a Wig

Many women opt to wear a wig during the transitional phase of going gray. This is another way to look fabulous for the entirety of the transition.

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