Layered Haircuts, Let me Count the Ways

Attractive woman with a surface layers haircut

Today’s Strategic Layered Haircuts Let You Achieve Versatility

What’s not to like about this great surface layers haircut? Long surface layers let you retain volume and bulk while adding texture on top. A texture creme can be used to make ends stand out when finishing. Just work a tiny amount on the tines of a comb and them through the ends.

Layers can give you just about any look you want . . . volume, texture, a hold your shape sexy look, fullness, super fast and stylish. If you’re tired of the same old hairdo in the mirror, this the way to go . . . get your hairdresser to give you one of these great haircuts. And to make sure you get just the right hair cut length read this article before your next visit.

Attractive woman with Wispy Layers HaircutWispy Layered Haircut

Wispy side bits show how layers can soften a look and add loads of texture to enliven ends. Longer top layers let you add extra volume. This haircut is ideal for making the most of hair that’s on the fine side.

Attractive Woman with a Progressive Layers HaircutProgressive Layers Haircut

Layers that move from short to long give you all-over texture, soft ends and lots of volume on top. Here, they’re all blended, adding a convertible fringe to the mix. To style, blow-dry with a round brush, focusing on adding root lift and movement at the ends. Then rake pomade-covered fingers through to finish.

Platinum Blonde Woman with Tri-Level Layered HaircutTri-Level Layered Haircut

This tri-level layered haircut features a longer back, a step-cut side and a short, front bangs that can be styled straight out because it isn’t blended to the sides. For quick styling, flick ends in back up a notch, comb the sides straight down, then gel the bangs and blow-dry.

Blonde Woman with Short Razor Sliced Layers HaircutRazor-Sliced Layered Hair Style

For a dramatic short haircut, experiment with sliced-in layers that come from the razor. Hair is sliced out all around to create a broken-up surface that shows off hints of orange tones underneath. To grow it out, just snip off ends.

Blonde woman with medium length layered hair style with bangsFront and Center Layers Hairstyle

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Slicing off hair all around the front hairline lets you add layers right where they’ll be seen the most. The longer back is left blunt so you get extra length. This also simplifies styling: Just comb the back down and concentrate on adding lift and movement around the front.

A woman with a short vertical layered bob hairstyleVertical Layers

Bobs that seem to wrap around your head happen when hair is cut in long vertical panels, with each one blended to the next. Now, all you have to do is partially blow-dry, then switch to finger-ruffling hair to add a texture boost.

Woman with a long Stacked Layers Haircut

Long Stacked Layers Hairdo

Long hair gets that sexy, end-curled look with long layers that stop at two different points. To achieve the perfect catwalk effect, roller-set ends or flick them up with a round brush. Flexible styling paste helps hair keep its shape all day.

Woman with a short Bob with Face Framing Layers HaircutFace-Framing Layered Bob Haircut

When you want to frame your face, layers do the trick. Just have a few shorter ones added on each side, and pair them with a long, half fringe. To style, use a round brush to add curve all around, right at the point where short layers fall. This enables longer pieces to curve inward.

Woman with Choppy Layers Haircut for Medium Length HairChoppy Layers Medium Length

Hair that’s thick enough to stand up to choppy layers looks totally new when layers are cut into points along the surface and at the sides. A few long pieces help prevent the haircut from looking entirely short in front and longer in back. Your best bet for showing hair off: Style with a vent brush and a molding paste or texturizing spray


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4 thoughts on “Layered Haircuts, Let me Count the Ways

    • Hi Marcy,

      We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed the article. Thank you for your comment.

  1. Hey, Barb! I really like that progressive layers hair cut – just not quite as drastic as the picture. Am I too old to wear something like that?! (I had a hot flash tonight, you know!) : -|

    • Hey Sandy!
      This cut would look adorable on you!! You’re not to far from it now actually, this cut is just a bit longer and texturized more for wisps and volume.
      I figured you needed my fan after I transfered mega watts of heat in your direction! I think you have that ‘forever young ” look and my professional opinion don’t you thinik twice about how many years your liscense says you are! Remember what they say, “you’re only as old as you feel!!”

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