4 Hottest Ways to Style Your Long Bob This Summer

Long Bob

Long Bob

The Long Bob Hairstyle (aka Lob) is Never Out of Style

The classics never go out of style and the long bob is one of those looks that is never out of place. The in-between length of a “lob” or long bob creates an asymmetrical line that provides ease of styling. We turn to celebrity hair stylists for some excellent ideas to style a long bob to create fresh, summer-ready hairstyles.

Read on below to find instructions for each hairstyle – but be warned, these super chic hairstyles might urge you to chop a few inches off your locks!

Deep Side Part

Long BobChanging up your part is one of the simplest ways to makeover your look (without even reaching out for the scissors!). This holds true with long bobs too, especially if you want something fresh and new for summer.

Start off by dividing your hair into your desired part. Use a blow dryer to bring your hair to fall over to the desired direction. Next, apply an adequate amount of strong hairspray directly to the roots to help set the part in place. Add texture to your long bob by spritzing on some beach spray. Finish it off by curling random sections of your hair using a curling iron. You can also scrunch the hair to create more tousled waves.

Long BobThe result? A deep side part that has a bit more edge and texture. If you want something sleek and straight, you can also do the same process, but omit the part where you curl your hair.

Messy Low Bun

Long BobCreating a messy chignon is a fun new way to rock your long bob for the summer. And yet, it is super easy to do that you do not have to spend hours prepping your hair for this hairstyle.

Start by dividing hair to form a deep side part. Apply a small amount of texture spray throughout the hair. Then, use your fingers to pull hair back into a messy low ponytail. The next step is to twist the hair to create a purposely messy low bun. The texture spray was an essential prep product to introduce a lot of texture and give it that undone finish.

Long BobAt this point, you can secure the low bun and use Bobby pins to pin stray hairs into the bun. Do not worry if there are some pieces that would not go into submission because all of these contribute to the overall look.

The Bend

Long BobLong BobThis is a quick and chic way to wear your long bob, especially if you want to try something different from the usual wavy bobs. Start with a good blowout to your straight hair to give it some body and shape. Then, create a “bend” around the middle part of the hair while leaving out the ends straight.

It starts with a bit of a texturizing spray applied throughout the strands to create volume. After that, use a one-inch curling iron to form the “bend”. Simply wrap the hair around the barrel towards the direction away from your face. But do not wrap the hair fully, about a quarter of a turn will do. Release the hair quickly and do not hold it for too long at the barrel. A molding wax will help to finish off the hair so it holds the style. Use your fingers to tousle the hair slightly.

Half Up Bun

Long BobThe first step is to separate the top and lower sections of the hair. Ideally, the top section should be divided starting from about 2 inches from above the ears. Secure it with an elastic tie.

When securing the top section of the hair, twist it like you would make a ponytail. But when you get to the final twist, do not release the hair, but rather create a looped shape. When there are small sections of hair sticking out from the loop, secure it with a Bobby pin or wrap another elastic tie around it.

You can finish styling with a hair straightener to create soft curls on the bottom section of the hair. This is designed to add a bit of body to the hair rather than have it falling flat. It also helps to frame your face more effectively.

Which of these hairstyles are you excited to try with your long bob? If you have more ideas, don’t forget to share it with us!

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