Marbleizing! A New Hair Color Technique

Attractive Woman with Marbleized Hair Color

Attractive Woman with Marbleized Hair Color

Marbleizing- the new way to add dimensional hair color!

Are you marbleized yet??? Don’t you love it when a beautiful hair color makes you stop and really take notice! Great hair color is like a notable piece of art, it demands attention and admiration. Hair coloring techniques are always being improved on and the new method for hair color application to watch for this season is called, “marbleizing.”

What is marbleizing?

Marbleizing is a new method of hair color placement so colors sort of melt together. Rachael Bodt, celebrity hair colorist at Cutler Salon in Manhattan, whose work includes, “The Rachel Ray Makeover Show,” Seventeen Magazine and “Make Me a Supermodel,” says “It’s all about the proper placement of transitional tones and ribbons of hair color so it looks beautiful.” A redhead for example, may wear a mix of strawberry tones and lily blonde hues for a contrasting cool effect.

I love the description Blackwell Preston, L’Oreal Professional Portfolio Artist, had to say about hair color trends for fall 2011; “The colors were all melting tone-on-tones with ribbons of opposing shades to create a unified luminous glow.” Marbling involves placing complementary or contrasting hues in such a way that they merge into each other.

Hair color is a great way to totally update your look. Professional hair colorists suggest deeper shades for fall hair color with added high lights and low lights to create new hues and dimensional tones. Summers sun, salt water and chlorine leave hair looking faded and damaged, so a color refresher like marbleizing will really brighten your look.

Marbleizing hair color is so new you may need to search out high-end, fashion forward hair salons to find it offered. But, isn’t it always fun to be on the cutting edge (so to speak) when it comes to hair color and cuts? The changes you make don’t need to be drastic in order to update your look, but even the slightest adjustment in your hair color for fall can be all it takes to make you feel totally refreshed!

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