How to Cheat at Medium Hairstyles and Get Away With It

medium hairstyle ideas

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Medium Hairstyles For Fall

For a long time medium length hairstyles carried an undeserved reputation as being a length that had no merit on its own, an “awkward in-between length”, or one that should be cut shorter or grown out longer, in order to become a “real” hairstyle. Others assume this length automatically limits their styling options. Nothing could be further from the truth! Notable celebrity fashion icons like Olivia Palermo, Rose Byrne and Julianne Hough have brought us medium length hairstyle ideas that will have you second guessing this length.

Browse through Pinterest for hairstyle inspirations from these celebrities and you’ll find these chic medium hairstyles are anything but boring.

Medium hairstyle ideas Olivia Palermo

Sleek & Smooth “Lob” With Center Part

Olivia Palermo earns rave reviews in this sleek and shiny medium length hairstyle. The “Lob” (or long bob) is an inch or two longer than the traditional “bob.” This hairstyle isn’t the stick-straight look of the past, but has a slight natural looking bend. And, the center part is the latest look this season. It looks best with a high-shine finish. Blow-dry smooth and finish lightly with a flat-iron, curving softly at the sides. An easy way to give an over-all polish is to finish with something like, It’s a 10 Miracle Dry Oil Spray. This spray contains keratin and Argan oil for mega shine and silkiness.

Medium length hairstyle with waves

Shoulder Length With Big Loose Waves
These big loose waves are sexy and highly feminine in medium length hair. Layers create more body and shape to this cut than the one length lob hairstyle on Olivia above. This is a lob haircut with long, barely noticeable layers (until they are curled.) In addition, the layers add movement to the hairstyle. Use a 1 or 1 1/2 inch curling iron, wrapping 1-inch vertical sections away from the face, and alternating directions throughout for texture and volume. Mist with a finishing spray and gently work through cooling curls with your fingers.

half-up-half-down hairstyle for medium length hair

Half Up – Half Down

This is another super chic and fun medium hair style to try. This is a great look for styling, on-the-go or to transition from day to night. Start off by applying a texturizing spray onto the hair to create fullness as well as texture. Back-comb through the top and gently rake hair back using your fingers (so it doesn’t fall flat.) Use a small claw clip or pretty barrette to fasten the hair together in back. Spritz with a finishing spray. Let a few face framing pieces fall out to create a casual, undone vibe to the hairstyle.


Blunt Bangs With Soft Waves

Blunt bangs aren’t for everyone, but if you can wear them, this look makes for one chic style. Rose Byrne is notable for this hairstyle which comes with soft waves that are accentuated by a heavy blunt cut bangs. Soft waves are created with a medium size curling iron, taking 1 to 2 inch sections vertically, and winding away from the face. This is a modern look that’s soft and sweet.

Medium length retro hairstyle

Retro Waves

Channel Old Hollywood vibe with this retro wave hairstyle to recreate a sexy, sensual look for your medium length hair. Styling this hair starts with a small amount of hair serum applied to damp hair. Blow dried using a large round brush. If your hair tends to get frizzy, it’s important to prep the hair first to ensure that frizz stays out of this style.  Divide hair into sections before using a 1 inch curling iron throughout. Or, use hot rollers or any other type of rollers for a quick over-all curl. Brush out the curls carefully and apply a shine serum to make hair glisten. For more on creating a retro look check out Barb’s article How to Create Old Hollywood Waves.

medium-length hairstyle Naya Rivera

Wavy Blowout

This look on Naya Rivera is one of the hottest ways to rock the medium length hairstyle. If the hair would have been much longer than this, it would look overwhelming. But the length makes it ideal to rock this highly volumized hairstyle because it creates just enough body and shape without overwhelming the face.

medium length hairstyle

Deep Side Part With Side Plait

This is an excellent change for those with medium length hair who want to create a different look. Prep your hair with some dry shampoo to add texture into each strand. Bring hair over to one side and create a small french braid securing it behind the ear with pins. A final blast of dry shampoo will help to add texture onto the braids.

DIY, How to Tips for Creating Beachy Waves in Medium Hair

Do you have mid-length hair? What is your favorite way to style it?

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