How to Create Gorgeous, Old Hollywood Waves

Pretty young blonde haired girl with soft vintage waves.

Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood Waves are Hot, Here is the DIY How To

Hairstyle trends come and go on the red carpet but there is one particular hairstyle that has quietly re-emerged (even though it has not totally been out of the scene) – Old Hollywood waves. Celebrities love the look as it effectively reflects some of Old Hollywood’s most glamorous stars. And with such beautiful waves, it’s hard not to turn heads on the red carpet.  Recreating this vintage hairstyle isn’t hard, it’s just different from your usual curling routine. You can recreate the look of celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Chastain, who love to wear the waves when they want to put on a super glamorous style.
If you are looking for a new standout retro style, Old Hollywood waves are certainly a good way to go. Now it’s your turn to recreate a red carpet favorite and make it your own.

Step 1 – Create Volume

The key to getting the most out of  Old Hollywood waves hairstyle is to create volume. Thus, you can begin right away with the natural state of your hair if you have naturally thick hair. But if not, apply a thickening cream or a volumizing mousse and blow dry the hair to amp up the volume. This will also make styling easier. The goal is to provide a good foundation to hold your waves but be careful not to overdo hair product or you may end up with crunchy hair.

Step 2 – Deep Side Part

Once there is enough volume in your hair, establish a deep side part. Play around and experiment with various parts to see what works best for you. Make sure that you have created the part before blow drying process begins to allow the hair to set into that part and get them to the right direction.

Step 3 – Creating the Set

The key element to recreating Old Hollywood waves is in the set. The ideal setting is to divide your hair into one-inch sections. You can curl hair using a curling iron or hot rollers.

When working with a curling iron (ideally a one-inch barrel), start with one inch sections as you go from ends to roots in a horizontal manner. But if you are working with hot rollers, allow them to set in your hair and wait for them to cool before removing. Temporarily secure the curled section of hair with pins to retain the shape.

An important reminder: curl your hair uniformly in the same direction and with the same size sections. Uniformity of curl patterns is essential in pulling off this hairstyle.

Old Hollywood waves

Step 4 – Smooth the Curls

For best results, spritz a boar bristle brush with hairspray and brush through hair thoroughly. You might think this process is counter-productive to your curling efforts, but it is important in achieving vintage waves. This will help create one smooth pattern of waves. In addition, this will also prevent  flyaways or frizz and keep hair from getting to big.

Tip: If you want to create more definition to your waves, use long flat clips under each wave ridge and spritz with hairspray. Let it set for 5 minutes before removing clips.  You can also create additional styling by sweeping one side up and securing it with a vintage barrette or pin, or simply tucking it behind the ear.

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