Ombre vs. Sombre the Low Maintenance Alternative

Ombre vs. Sombre

Ombre vs. Sombre The Sombre Trend: Low Maintenance Alternative to Ombre

The ombre trend was once highly favored by women not only due to its chic and edgy look, but because it provided a trendy answer to the common root regrowth problem. Hence, women from all over the world embraced it. It was not difficult to love the trend, too, knowing that a lot of famous celebrities and models were rocking the ombre hair color trend. But as the ombre trend started to fade out, a new and lower maintenance alternative is taking its stead: sombre (also known as soft ombre). The Ombre vs. Sombre battle is awakening new interest in the look.

The sombre hair color trend epitomizes an easy, summer look. You might have thanked your hairstylist’s for adding the new dimension to your hair color with ombre, but sombre is stealing the spotlight with that same effect and then some. Famous celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Rachel Bilson, and Kate Mara have been rocking this look as of late.

If you had been dying to try out this trend, here are a few rules that you need to live by:

Keep it Subtle

Ombre vs. Sombre

The term sombre is derived from soft ombre. Hence, you want to keep your hair color, subtle for maximum effect. It has to be coy and easy as characterized by the softer hues. Forget about the dark root contrast and lighter ends. The colors with sombre transition more efficiently, which consequently creates a more natural looking color, too.

Blondes Can Rock Sombre, Too!

Ombre vs. Sombre

Good news, blondies! You, too, can rock the sombre trend, which might be a relief given that ombre tend to work best on natural brunettes. To maximize the styling effect and the sombre color trend, you need to be dark blonde, however. This is a great way to spice up your hair color or add a new dimension without changing hair color drastically.

Start Higher

Ombre vs. Sombre

The highlight on your sombre must start about 2 inches from your roots. According to expert hair stylists, this is an effective way to maintain depth despite adding soft and subtle hues. It also appears more natural because the color seems to connect to the roots wherein it gradually brightens as you reach the ends.

Gloss Treatment

Ombre vs. Sombre

To get the most out of your sombre, finish off your style with a gloss hair treatment. It makes your hair shine and gives the hues a bit of a boost so you can extend its glow in-between salon appointments. A 10-minute gloss prior to your treatment will close the cuticle so you can get a healthier shine on your hair.

Best for Long Hair

With the exception of Kate Mara (who looked great sporting the sombre with a long bob), you can maximize the effect of sombre on your hair if you keep it long. The longer the hair, the more evident the sombre becomes. It also makes for an efficient transition of colors from near your roots towards the ends.

Ombre vs. Sombre

Proper Maintenance

As with any hair color trend, the best way to enjoy maximum effect is to give it proper care and maintenance to extend the time between color appointments. The first step is to cut back on your daily washing. Frequent washing will contribute to faster fading of colors. But if you have to use shampoo, opt for a sulfate-free formula. A weekly hydrating hair mask is also recommended to keep the colors looking vibrant and your hair healthy.

Which celebrity do you think rocks the best sombre look?

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