Party Hair for The Holidays

Attractive brunette with long spiral curls party hair

A formal updo hair style that is back rolled

The Party Hair DIY How To

When you’re headed out at night for those holiday celebrations don’t make do with your everyday style, check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards and try one of these party hair styles.

The Back Roll

To get a perfect back roll, use a padded hair “rat”, available at beauty supply stores, to create a firm foundation. Brush hair back, hold the sections as one and pin along an off-center line. Then gather hair up around the rat by positioning it at the ends and rolling toward the pinned seam. Maintain tension, then secure with pins.
A rounded hair style with uniform layers

Cool Factor

To increase your party hair cool quotient, try a rounded shape with uniform layers. Blow-dry hair for volume, then spiral set surface layers to create  end curl. Tuck sides behind your ears and continue curling as desired. A braid at one side of the hairline incorporates yet another texture effect.

Long hair style textured with a flat ironSubtle Approach

For a simple hair style with a special texture treatment, blow-dry your hair for moderate volume, then brush it all in front of your shoulders. Using your flat iron’s edge, wrap sections around the iron and pull it out slowly as you rotate your wrist. This method creates subtle curves from mid-shaft to the ends.

Attractive woman with a 1950's style bun updo party hair style

Top Notch

If you’ve never had a ’50s style updo, there’s no better season to give it a try. You need hair that’s at least shoulder-length to make it work. Smooth your hair to the top, hold it taut and secure with a covered band. Then distribute hair evenly all around the center. Use you curling iron to sections with a large barrel iron, then slip a bobby pin underneath to hold the ends.

Attractive brunette with long spiral curls party hair

Amp it Up

Create big, sexy spirals without too much volume, and you’ll look stylish without going over the top. Start by side-parting dry hair, then section out the hairline. Wrap it over a large-diameter curling iron and spiral-wrap to the ends. Hold for 10 seconds, release, then continue spiral-setting the heavy side. For better balance, curve the lighter side straight back, working in vertical sections.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications. For more great holiday hair looks check out our Pinterest Holiday Hairstyles Board.