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Dip Dye Hair Color

Unlock the Keys to Absolutely Irresistible Pastel Hair Colors

Lately, it seems like several celebrities are making headlines not just for their music or movie, but for their their use of pops of color and pastel hair colors. Hence, it was not long until fashionistas caught on and wanted to brave trying out new hues, even ones that are way out of your natural hair color range. It refers to vibrant hues like pastels, purples, greens, blues, to name a few. If you follow the hair color boards on Pinterest you’ve seen the trends are going beyond the ordinary and stand out with a pop of color.

For most of us, it is something to think about before you take that huge leap in changing your hair color. While most celebrities can get away with pastel hair colors, it probably would take a real dose of courage to sport one of these edgy hair colors. This is especially true with employers imposing strict policies regarding dress and hair code. Hence, high fashion hair colors are out of the question, unless you are willing to let go of your job.

But that can be said to be a thing of the past now, thankfully. More employers are becoming open to rainbow colors in the hair, allowing women to become more liberated with their hair color choices. If you would like to add some punch to your hairstyle, a change of color will do the trick. Here are some inspirations from your favorite celebrities to help you have fun with your bright colored hair (without looking like you accidentally spilled paint on it).


Pastel Hair Colors - Green

Pastel Hair Colors - Green

Green hair is definitely not a hair color for everyone. But if you dare, there are several shades to choose from to find a hair color that is flattering for your skin tone. You can also opt for either green highlights or totally dye your hair green. You can even wear different shades of green together, creating an Ombre or dip dye effect.


Pastel Hair Colors - Purple

Purple is one hair color that you’ve probably seen most of this past year. Thanks to Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne, purple is now fast becoming a go-to color of choice for women who dare to step out of the norm. If you aren’t feeling too bold (as with green), you can start off by adding purple streaks to your hair, mostly concentrating on the ends. You can even wear purple streaks on dark hair! But purple streaks will look best on light hair color because the streaks look more highlighted and subtle.

Pastel Hair Colors - Green

Knowing the right kind of purple to wear according to your skin tone will also save you from a ton of embarrassment. A muted, subtle shade of purple (sometimes with a hint of gray) works best on fair skinned women. But if your skin tone is on the olive side, you can certainly rock bold purple colors.


Pastel Hair Colors - Pink

Wearing pink on your hair offers a lot of options for styling and dressing up. However, you need to tread lightly as one mistake can ruin the entire look. For instance, it is best to start with pink streaks or dip dyed effect rather than going for a full-on pink hair color. It is also a good tip to consider if you’re trying to test out if the shade would complement your skin tone.

Pastel Hair Colors - Pink

When it comes to styling with pink hair, opt for tonal dressing. Experts suggest pairing pale hues with pale hues work well. Hence, go for a desaturated color on your outfit choice if you are going to wear pink pastel hair colors. Another benefit to this is that your neutral colored look will let the pink strands stand out and become the focal point of your style.


Pastel Hair Colors - Gray

Pastel Hair Colors - Gray

A lot of women (especially those in their late 40s) are dreading the thought of having gray hair. Hence, they would go to great lengths to get rid of gray hair or cover it. But the fact that gray hair is a huge trend these days would make you want to think twice before you do. You can wear it alone or combine with other colors (lilac works best!) to make your locks stand out.

Rainbow Hair

rainbow hair

Can’t decide which hair color to wear? Why not try a combination of different pastel hair colors? It never fails to add a sense of vibrancy to your look while making you look hip and fun. Wear it like an ombre, except that there is more than one color involved.

The best advice you can get when wearing bright colored hair: wear it with confidence. Wearing vibrant colored hair is a bold personal style statement. Hence, it goes back to choosing the color you want and one that speaks to your personality. This will ensure that you can wear it with confidence and make it your own (rather than a celebrity copycat).

Have you tried out rainbow color on your hair? Which is your favorite color to wear?

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