Pink Hair – Do You Really Want To?

Natalie Portman in a pink wig

Pink Hair – 5 reasons not to go there!

The 39th Annual American Music Awards gave pink hair styles another trend boost. Who else is a more fitting audience for pink hair than the eclectic music lover types? Pink hair dye isn’t a new whim, it’s been creeping up on us for a while now, but it’s still is a novel idea for most humans, no?

Just because pink hair isn’t on my bucket list doesn’t mean I’m against it. Some pink hair styles I’m into like these . . .

Pink Hair – 5 reasons why not to go there

This may go without saying, but if you are sporting the idea of a pink hair dye . . . a wig, or hair extensions may be your safest bet for many reasons. If you prefer your hair long, do think twice before dying it pink. The longer your hair is the more complicated, costly and damaging a pink hair dye will be.

If you must dye it pink though, please, please, please . . . do it professionally, it will likely save you many tears, many dollars and likely many hairs on your head!

  1. Bleaching will be required, unless your hair is naturally a light blonde.
  2. Pink hair dye won’t hold worth a c#@p!  Prepare for lots of upkeep!
  3. Consider your wardrobe . . . everyday . . . what goes well with pink hair?
  4. Think new makeup base, lips and eye shadows.
  5. Getting your natural hair color back will be costly and hard on your hair. This is especially true if you needed to bleach your hair heavily to remove color to get it to pink and if you have long hair.

Pink hair even on the best looking celebrities is  a . . . s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Maybe for one big glorious evening in front of adoring fans a pink wig or extensions would be nice, but  . . . dying your hair pink?? Do think twice!


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