3 Hot Ways to Transform a Pixie Haircut

Ema Watson with a slicked back pixie haircut

A Gorgeous Faux Hawk Pixie Haircut

3 Ways to Style a Pixie Haircut

Those of us who have experimented with both long and short hairstyles know that shorter hair requires a lot less prep time than longer hairstyles. Although short hairstyles are easier to manage most people opt for the longer styles because they feel that short hair limits their range of styles. However, you can have short easy-to-maintain hair while still rocking a broad spectrum of hairstyles. A pixie haircut is an ideal short hairstyle for those who love the manageability of short hair, but still want to play with fun styles. Here are three awesome hairstyles you can wear with a pixie haircut:

Ema Watson with a slicked back pixie haircut

Slicked Back

A slicked back, sophisticated style is a perfect choice for a pixie haircut. It looks elegant and works very well in more formal environments. This hairstyle has a somewhat unisexual look so you can create a contrast by wearing soft, feminine garments or you can go for a bolder look by wearing a dark stream-lined suit. All you will need to create this unique hairstyle is hair gel and a comb. Simply apply gel throughout your hair while combing your hair back and smoothing it into place. You can apply the gel while your hair is wet or dry. Use a gel with a shinier finish to create more of a “wet” look or go shine-free for a matte style.

Ellen Degeneres with a Faux Hawk Pixie Haircut

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is another fun, funky way to sport a pixie cut. This style gives your hair an edgier look and it’s perfect for a night out on the town. If you really want to turn heads use hair chalk to add bold streaks of color throughout your hair. This hairstyle looks great with rockstar-type attire like black skinny jeans and a studded jacket. You will need pomade and hairspray along with a comb to get this look to hold.

First, run a pomade throughout your hair and comb the sides up towards the center of your head. The reason you want to use a pomade is because it is more pliable and you can really play around with the style until it is in just the right place. Once your hair is in place use hairspray to keep all of your hair in place. If you plan on wearing this style often make sure you keep the sides trimmed up so that your haircut looks fresh.

Ginnifer Goodwin with a pixie haircut with a deep side part

Deep Side Parts

A deep side part is also an awesome option for pixie haircuts. Wearing your pixie with a deep side part will give your style a more casual feel. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can wear it in several different ways. You can use a smoothing serum and a straightener for a sleek look and you can even add an accessory like a bow on the side to create a more feminine look. A side part also looks amazing with a messy texture and won’t be a hassle to manage during the day. Use a comb in your hair to create a part while it’s still damp. Run a texturizing cream throughout your hair, scrunch it, and let it air dry for a fun messy, hairstyle.

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