Ponytail Hairstyles Anytime You Want

Fishtail ponytail hairstyle

Ponytail Hairstyles Envy; One Week, 7 Looks

If you’re looking for an easy and versatile hairstyle that will see you through all seasons, then the classic ponytail hairstyle will do the trick. There are hundreds of variations that you could easily work in to your daily style that will give you bounce, attitude and a little bit of va va voom.

I introduce to you a whole week of gorgeous hairstyles that will transform your look in a matter of minutes. All ponytail-related, all utterly fabulous and all dripping with style.

First, take this simple guide from Hershesons. They have everything you need, from amazing straightening irons, brilliant waving wants, and clip in extensions to create the most show stopping looks that will blow away the competition and get you noticed as soon as you swish in to the room.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Look 1: Curly Girly

A curly, textured ponytail is neat and smart. Any girl looking for a trademark preppy look with adore this style teamed with an outfit to make even Blair Waldorf jealous! Keep you hair away from your face, incorporate some waves in to your pony and make sure you give it tons of beautiful volume. Voila! The pretty prep look is all yours!

Ponytail Hairstyle

Look 2: Grunge It Up

Unless you’ve been living under a dustbin, you’ll know that the uber 90’s grunge look is back with a vengeance this season. Take inspiration from Hedi Slimane’s debut Saint Laurent catwalk show and wear your Doc Martins with attitude. Sweep your hair up in to an “I don’t care” scruffy bun and tie your plaid shirt round your waist for a look that even Courtney Love would envy.

Ponytail hairstyle

Look 3: The Beautiful Bardot

This hairstyle has been around for more than half a century, and even though it’s been given a little update from the Hershesons team with a low-slung a sexy ponytail, the beautiful bouffant will be around for years to come. Plenty of backcombing will give this look the volume it deserves. Team with a flick of black eyeliner and a sultry pout and you’re ready to rule the roost.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Look 4: Bring it, Boy

It’s a man’s world. And while you certainly wouldn’t like to imagine your boyfriend embracing the androgenous look, you sure as hell can! Keep your ponytail low and laid back, scrape your hair away from your face and fix it with gel or hairspray. This style looks amazing with a blazer and minimal makeup. Boy, you look great!

ponytail hairstyle

Look 5: Chill Out, Man

In stark contrast to the prim and proper looks, this festival style will help you to really look in to your soul and find inner peace. And if that fails, it’s a great style to keep you looking glamorous whilst living in a tent!

Braid sections of your hair from your forehead and in to the lengths to incorporate some great texture. Add a daisy chain here and a sprinkle of glitter there to really get those festival vibes flowing.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Look 6: Yes, Mistress

This sexy and dominating hairstyle is a must-do for the adventurous amongst us. Plait a high ponytail as tightly as you can so that it rests away from your head and keep the front and sides as sleek as you can too. A dark and sultry eye and a pop of vampy lipstick will complete your makeup, while a formidable leather pencil dress will make you completely catwalk ready.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Look 7: Miss Prim & Proper

A mid-height pony tail is the perfect relaxed-yet-smart ‘do. Give your hair a good brush and work some dry shampoo through it to give it a clean feel. A few stray strands to frame your face will give it a lived-in look and if you wrap a inch-thick section of hair around the hair band, you’ll give it a sophisticated and sleek look.

Of course, don’t just stop there! Twist and braid and clip and backcomb to your heart’s content to achieve a endless amazing looks from one simple style.