How to Prolong Hair Color Life

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Prolong Hair Color Life

Avoid Fading with These Tips to Prolong Hair Color Life

Getting a new color is a big investment of your time and money. Hence, it is vital that you do your best to prolong hair color life for as long as possible because you do not want your investment to literally fade away, too. The quest to prolong hair color is easier said than done, though. Exposing your hair to various elements can cause the color to fade at a rapid rate.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to prolonging hair color.

Shower-Proof Hair Color

If you want to preserve the integrity of your hair color, you need to start at the very basic form of hair care – washing your hair. Invest in a shampoo formulated to prolong hair color life. If you think these types of shampoo are the same with regular ones, you’re mistaken. A color protecting shampoo is formulated to have UV filters for protection against the sun and other natural elements. In addition, these are sulfate-free so you can clean hair minus the hair color being gradually stripped off the hair as you wash it.

Another no-no when trying to prolong hair color life is taking hot showers. It might be tempting when the weather outside is too chilly but it can be damaging to your hair, especially colored hair. Exposing your hair to the hot water causes the cuticles to open up, thus releasing color pigments from your hair.

Instead, opt for a cool water rinse. The effects of the cold water on your hair is opposite to that of hot water – it helps to close the cuticle and seal in the pigment for lasting and more vibrant color.

Additional Shower Tips

Did you know that additives found in tap water can strip dye from hair and cause hair color to dull over time? One example of that is chlorine. And although it is good for you as it cleans the water, it’s not good for colored hair. Try installing a showerhead that is designed to filter chlorine and other additives in the water to keep it from turning your hair dull over time.

Boost Hair Shine

Use hair care products that are designed to add shine and luster to hair. The glossy finish can create a visual illusion of hair color being more fresh and vibrant. Look for a shine serum or other similar products that you can apply and leave-on the hair. Not only will your hair color look vibrant and noticeable, it will also keep your locks looking healthy too.

Guard Your Locks

The natural elements from the weather can contribute to the degradation of the hair color. Keep it vibrant by protecting your locks against the harmful rays of the sun. A hat is the simplest solution around but if you’re not a fan of hats, try using a scarf instead. If you can grab a hold of a UV protective spray, apply a sufficient amount to hair (especially if you expect to be out in the heat for a long time) to keep hair moisturized.

Gloss Treatment

This is a popular hair treatment done on dyed hair in order to prolong hair color life. In some cases, it is also done by expert hairstylists whenever a client’s colored hair has dulled and they want to freshen up the color once again (rather than getting a new color). If you find that having a hair gloss treatment in the salon is a tad too expensive, you can buy home kits so you can do it yourself at home.

Touchup the Color

This one is easier said than done, which will save a lot of women a lot of trouble with those darker roots peeking at them in the mirror. Use a touch-up pen with the shade that matches your current hair color. This technique will help you buy time until your next salon visit for a professional touchup of your hair color.

Products to Watch Out For

Always check the label of any hair care and styling products you use upon getting a new color. Avoid using products that contain sodium chloride and sulfate. Hair experts believe that these two ingredients are the culprit behind quick fading of hair color.

Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
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