6 Must Have Braided Ponytails

Jennifer Hudson

Blake Lively with a long braided ponytail hairstyles

6 Braided Ponytails Make for a Variety of Easy Hairstyles!

If quick and easy hairstyles are what you’re looking for or, if you find yourself constantly asking the question “what should I do with my hair?” Visual-Makeover has some simple suggestions. For instance, see what Redken creative consultant Guido Palau, brought us in braids and more with this hairstyles with braids article.

I have long hair, well, at least long enough for a credible sized ponytail (it’s about 2 inches past my collarbone) and I thank the Lord everyday for bringing the ponytail back into style. Whether you have a long layered hairstyle or one length hair, the ponytail gives us a variety of options. The ponytail can be totally no fuss and casual or, with just a few simple styling tricks it can morph into a perfect updo for any event.

Vanessa Hudgens with headband and braided pontail

How easy is this hairdo? All it takes is a quick lesson in braiding, a great headband and your there. The headband makes this hair style an eye-catcher!

Kate Hudson's messy braided ponytail hair style

Kate Hudson has long layered hair with natural hair wave. To get this look;

  1. Blow dry smooth with a round brush and a volumizing product like Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Root Pump.
  2. Backcomb at crown to create lift.
  3. Smooth over and create a low loose braid, letting sides fall out naturally.
  4. Curl face framing layers with a large curling iron.

Unique Half Up Fishtail Braids

A fishtail braid is the easiest braid of all to master. You’re basically working with two strands of hair versus the three strands for a conventional braid and I think it’s one of the prettiest braids too! You can covert the fishtail braid into a side braid or a half-up ponytail as well.


Model with a clip on braided ponytail extension

Clip on braided ponytail extension

This fiber blend braided switch is an easy way to create some quick and easy hair styles. The switch comes pre-braided and can be worn as a ponytail, twisted into braided chignons, buns or twisted knots. It is easily attached with an elastic loop as you would wrap a ponytail holder around your own hair. This one sells for $51.00 at www.wigs.com

Hair styles don’t get much easier than the ponytail and with so many ways to wear them; high, low, side, braided, smooth, curled or ratty . . . or add bows, beads, braids, bobbles or whatever you can come up with and you’ve got enough hairdo options to last for . . . a long time.

For more great looks check out our Pinterest Braid Board


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