No Time? Here’s 5 Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair

Gorgeous Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair with Staying Power

Whether it was from staying in a shower that felt too luxurious to end, or from those few extra minutes of sleep you stole with the touch of the snooze button; now you’re running behind and you need to look presentable in a hurry. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

This past year, I attended a summer institute where we had classes all morning and large gala events in the afternoon. The bus schedule was seriously messed up, so I had to prepare in the morning to look presentable all day, without much of a chance for a break to freshen up. These were my go-to hairstyles, the ones that kept me looking chic and fresh and could be touched up in a moment, anywhere. But first, these were the products I used to help create these hairstyles for long hair and to hold them in place.

Sea Salt Spray:

I have semi-wavy hair, and Sea Salt Texturizing Spray was a total godsend. I picked it up at Target and immediately became addicted. You can apply it dry or wet and it helps make your hair piecey so you can manage it while keeping it wavy enough that it looks intentionally texturized. I also think it helped my hair dry faster, which is a big bonus for getting quick hairstyles out the door.

Dry Shampoo

I snuck my can of Dove dry shampoo into my backpack in order to help spruce up my hair throughout the day. It was so easy and smelled soooo good, and it didn’t leave a gross buildup on my hair.

Flat Iron Brush Styler for Quick Hairstyles

A Flat-Iron Brush Styler

When I had a little bit more time and wanted to keep my hair sleek and full of body, I used this handy gadget. I love my fusion hair styler from TryPerfecter because of the brush combo, so I could streamline packing significantly. Since I wasn’t going to super sleek perfection, it was also extremely fast.

The ‘dos:

Armed with the above tools and a handful of bobby pins and hair ties, I embarked on these ‘dos.

twisted side pontail for quick hairstyles

Over the shoulder pony

This was by far my fav this summer. No, we’re not talking 90s; think chic, low ponytail. For this style, take small pieces of hair from one side of your head and twirl them up, pinning them in a twist that runs along the nape of your neck, pinning each twist securely. For a cool variation, make sure to twirl your hair the opposite direction of the contour of the twist, making a quasi-rope braid. Once you’ve made it to the other side of your head, tie the remaining hair into a low ponytail.


Big volume double ponytail for quick hairstyes

Double pony tail

For a real statement piece, give this style a try. Basically, it’s a way to kick up the drama on your pony tail. Start by dividing your hair in half horizontally, making sure to keep the hair on the side of your head grouped with the top section. Then take the lower portion and wrap it into a tight pony tail. Fasten the top into another pony tail, teasing that amount so that it covers the other amount. Voila! Rapunzel-length locks are yours!

Braided Bun a classic quick hairstyle

Braided bun

This is an easy look that is super cute and unique—it has a great “boho-chic” look and you can use it for either high buns or low buns.

Put your hair in a ponytail and separate your pony tail into three strands. Lightly back-comb each strand for a messier look or make them sleek. Braid your pony tail and tie it off; then gently pull at the strands, loosening them so they look kind of poufy. Finally, carefully pin your braid into a bun; don’t just wrap it around and pin from there. . . that will give you a tiny-looking bun.

Instead, flip your braid up, pin it down and then draw it back down and tuck the tail end up under the newly-formed bun. Pin securely. Finally, tug strands of the braid loose as you anchor those and pin them securely on either side of the bun.

Half-Up Hair with Volume for a quick hairstyle

Half-Up with volume

This one is great for long or short hair and is easily spruced up for a chic, sexy evening look. It also is very versatile depending on whether you part your hair on the side, middle or not at all, combing it back. Take the back crown section of your hair and tease it up a bit to help the volume, securing the pouf with bobby pins.

Then, if you are going for a messy look, take some of the sea salt spray and mist your hair lightly, helping out the waves with some scrunching. If you are going for a sleek look, this is where I’d use my fusion styler to smooth out my hair. If you are short on time, optimize it by smoothing out just the section you won’t be pinning back as those are the ones that look the most noticeably textured or not.

Finally, grab two inch-wide sections of hair that are a little further forward (making sure not to include the front parts of hair . . . you want to keep those wispy) and pin those back in the same section where you pinned the pouf. Calm down any flyaways, and boom! Done.

Quick hairstyles a scarf with sock bun

Scarf with sock bun

A style staple for your hair is silk scarves. I gathered a bunch of these colorful accents at secondhand stores and Ragstock, where they came out to around $3 a piece. These are a must for long or short hair and one of my favorite elegant, speedy ‘dos uses a scarf and a sock. And, yes, if your hair is long enough to put in a ponytail and have about 3 inches left over, it’s long enough for a careful sock bun.

If you need a sock for your sock bun, cut the toe off of one of your old socks (preferably one that matches your hair color), and then roll it up so it looks like a donut.

Take your hair and put it in a low pony tail—don’t worry if it is a bit messy around the crown of your head and feel free to pull some strands out around your face for that elegant effect. Then, take the sock and thread your pony tail through it, like it is another hair tie.

If you have long hair, draw the sock down to the end of the pony tail. Then begin rolling the sock up towards the base of the ponytail, combing your hair over the surface of the sock. Your hair should get firmly secured in the sock after the first few rolls, and then you can continue to roll without too much more fuss.

If you have shorter hair, use the sock bun as a base and then pin your hair evenly around it so that it covers the area of the sock evenly. It can look a bit messy, and that’s totally fine.

Take your scarf and fold it in half diagonally, then, fold it (starting at the wide end) until you get a nice long band that’s about 2-4 inches wide. Tie the scarf around your head, leaving the ends of the scarf long, or wrapping those back up over your head and tying them securely, pinning it with a few bobby pins. Draw some of those messy strands forward by your face, and tuck any remaining loose ends or flyaways from your bun into the scarf.

Carrie Wright
Contributing author Carrie Wright is a stylist and writer with a serious passion for all things fashion and beauty. She spends her money on hair products and travel deals and is looking forward to her trip to the Czech Republic. She is currently a writer for Perfecter, and enjoys getting a good deal and investing in versatile hair tools to keep her routine chic, but streamlined.