Is Razor Cut Hair Right for You?

Brunette with medium razor cut hair

If you’re considering a razor cut, here’s what you need to know!

The razor is a precision tool and when it is used correctly, it naturally results in modern, ‘wash and wear’ hairstyles. Using a razor helps enable more swing and movement in  hairstyles. It can create jagged, disheveled lines, redefine the texture of the hair, thin out thicker textures, shore-up messy, undone hairstyles, and create beautiful soft-shaped layers. When a razor cut is done correctly and is maintained properly, it will often last longer and grow out better than a traditional cut. Razor cuts are perfect for creating funky, bold, edgy looks too. So, if the thought of wearing a “bed-head” look or a modern finish on any type of hairstyle gives you goose bumps, razor cut hair is something to definitely take under consideration.

Razor Cut Vs. Traditional Cut

A traditional haircut done with a cutting shears creates blunt ends, whereas razor cut hair is done with a sharp, straight edge razor that slides down the hair shaft slices the hair resulting in angled, tapered ends. Think of it like feathering paint with a paint brush. The effect created will tend to look lighter and airier. Razor cutting this way results in a more natural lie to the hair strands, avoiding the defined edges created with scissors, thus creating more movement and bounce.

Short asymmetrical razor cut hair

Edgy Crop Cut

This short crop style gives an edgier look with razor cut hair. The razor leaves ends wispy and light throughout, giving more fullness to the hairstyle and a more disheveled, bed head look.

Shaggy layered razor cut bob

Playful Bob Cut

The razor cut bob is a contemporary classic, and the quintessential example of the razor’s point of difference. Contrary to a bob haircut done with shears, this style features a loose playfulness with plenty of movement. A razor cut is a great way to create the perfect face framing layers and choppy bangs that drape effortlessly across the face.

blonde crop razor cut hair

Short and Textured

Layers get an extra boost when cut with a razor. Rather than lying flat and close to the head, this short haircut is full of texture and fun!

Razor Cut Do’s

If you’re going to sport razor cut hair, you want to do it right. This means making sure the cut is appropriate for your hair type before you take the plunge. This is definitely something you shouldn’t try on your own, so that means getting this specialty cut done by a pro and learning proper upkeep so your style looks its best.

  • Choose a hair stylist with experience. Just because someone is a licensed hair stylist doesn’t mean they are skilled at wielding a razor. Trust me, you don’t want an Edward Scissorhands whacking away at your locks! Not only can you end up with a mess, but someone who doesn’t know how to use a razor properly can do serious damage to your hair.
  • Consider your hair texture.  A razor cut is not a one-size-fits-all type of haircut. It doesn’t work well on tightly curly hair. Razor cuts on curly hair types tend to create frizz and damaged frayed ends. In addition, because the razor thins the hair, it is not appropriate for people with fine thin hair.
  • Reevaluate your hair products. The products you used prior to having your hair razor cut may not necessarily be appropriate for your new style. Heavy conditioners and other styling products can weigh razor cut hair down and make what should look light and airy, flat or lifeless.
  • Follow maintenance advice. As your hair grows out, the ends may tend not to look as defined or piecey as they did the first few weeks after being cut. Your hair stylist may recommend that you come into the salon every few weeks or so, to keep your ends looking sharp and your haircut in shape.

Short razor cut pixie hair

Short and Sweet

This asymmetrical short haircut shows undefined edges by use of a razor. Also, the top is given lift by razoring some underneath layers.

Brunette with medium razor cut hair

Spiky Edge

This layered hairstyle is heavily textured with the use of a razor. Spiky edges like these are created with a razor by slicing into the outline.

Razor Cut Don’ts

While a razor cut can be a hairstyle dream come true for some, it can turn into a nightmare for others. Heed this advice to prevent hair damage or results less than flattering!

  • Never opt for a do-it-yourself job.  A professional can make a razor haircut look like a simple undertaking, but don’t be fooled, it is a learned skill. Don’t try this at home, unless you’re willing to get a shorter haircut to fix all the mistakes!
  • Don’t overdo it.  If you’ve got medium to long hair, avoid having the razor cut technique throughout the length of your hair. Razor cutting the entire length can make hair look weak and scraggly, so limit it to a few spots for perfect added texture.
  • Don’t use your old styling technique.  Now that your hair is thinner, it is not as resilient to the damage that dramatic styling techniques can cause. If you continue to style your hair like you did before your razor cut, you may inadvertently damage it. Ask for and follow any advice given by your hairstylist.
  • Be aware of a dull razor.  A dull razor can cause damage to your tresses. A sharp, clean razor will glide through your hair, so if you feel your hair is being tugged while being cut, let your stylist know. Remember, it’s your hair and you should speak up!

Julianne Hough with a wavy, razor cut bob hairstyle

Disheveled Bob 

A simple, slightly layered bob, gets a modern twist with razor cut hair. This bob’s edgy shape comes to life with texturized, razored ends.

Long layered straight razor cut hair

Soft and Smooth Long Layers

Long layers on straight hair lay smoother and appear to melt together with a razor cut. Razor cut hair gives a wispy airiness to the bangs and face framing layers.

If You’re Into Mechanics

These simple do’s and don’ts of razor cut hair will help you to keep your edgy new style looking healthy. If the razor cut is not right for your hair type, your stylist should be able to recommend another styling method to create a unique look that works just for you! If you’re looking for more ideas for haircuts for fine hair be sure to check out my Pinterest Fine Hair board.