How to Make Retro Curls Look Modern

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What Celebrities Know About Retro Curls That You May Not Have Considered

If you like watching older movies, especially those from the 40s or 50s era, it is hard to miss the luscious curls from the heroines. You probably lusted over these looks and celebrated their timelessness. Indeed, a lot of A-list celebrities have sported the retro curls and waves on the red carpet down through the years. Old Hollywood hairstyles are present at every red carpet event. And the those hairstyles have never been absent from these celebrity-filled galas or events. The reason for this is also the same reason why these hairstyles have proven as classics: it is easy to do, works for anyone, and provides a wide range of options to personalize the look.

No matter what time of year, you can wear retro curls and is guaranteed to make a huge impression. If you are looking to give a modern twist to this retro hairstyle, there are also plenty of possibilities for you. Here are five ideas you can try to modernize the retro curls hairstyle:

Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

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If there is one makeup trend that speaks to the modern day era, it’s got to be the smoky eye look. Celebrities and models alike love it! Hence, you can create a unique look by blending in the modern era’s eye makeup trend with the ageless retro curl hair style. This is an unexpected pairing, but one that truly captures the attention. Go for a side-swept look on your curls, too, to create a very soft and feminine look.

Orange Lips

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Red lipstick is the obvious choice of color to wear with retro curls. But you can step outside of the norm and go for something equally bold, but somewhat shocking and unexpected – orange lipstick. If you can find a matte orange lipstick, the better! This color no doubt provides a modern jolt to the look, while keeping it fresh at the same time.

Long and Loose

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One of the most notable characteristics of retro curls is that they are often tightly curled. More defined, almost springy kind of curls takes you back to the golden eras of the 40s or 50s. But if you have long hair, you can definitely opt for looser curls. This makes the look soft and feminine without losing the retro vibe. Soft lip colors also complement the hairstyle really well, especially if you like to wear your retro curls in side swept style.

Low Curls

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If you want to create more definition for your retro curls, ask your hairstylist to start it right above the ears. This will specifically create a focus on the 40s era wherein careful curls are the main trend. But you can add a hint of modern glam to the look by opting for a natural glow to your makeup and a bright pop of lip color.

Lots of Volume

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For a modern touch, add some extra volume on your retro curls. The added body and shape is no doubt a step outside of the usual retro look. It is a surefire way to make your look modern even when you pair the hairstyle with a classic bold red lipstick. And for more luscious 40s and 50s hairstyles be sure to check out our Retro Hairstyles Pinterest board.

What is your favorite way to wear retro curls?

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