Retro Hairstyles Then and Now

The Pixie on Mia Farrow and Carey Mulligan

The Pixie on Mia Farrow and Carey Mulligan

What Goes around, comes around

Ever heard the phrase history repeats itself? Well, that’s especially true when it comes to hairstyles. Though some hair do’s should never come back into style (hello, mullet!), what once was popular always finds its way back into the mainstream. On the left is Mia Farrow circa “Rosemary’s Baby” and on the right is actress Carey Mulligan. The pixie cut is a hard hairstyle to pull off; you have to be very confident before you take the plunge. But both actresses rock the cut, their strong facial features stand out even more with the short hairstyle. Famed hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, was a fan of easy hairstyles, so he cut off Farrow’s long locks, marking a great departure from the norm of high maintenance hair. The haircut allowed for a new kind of sexiness. Mulligan, along with celebrities like Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, and Emma Watson have brought that bold sexiness back into mainstream with this retro hairstyle.

Rita Hayworth and Christina Aguilera with old hollywood long wavy hairstyles

Singer Adele retro beehive hairstyle

Bridget Bardot

The 60’s are alive and well with Grammy award winner Adele. She rocks the beehive and the bump better than most. While Amy Winehouse brought back the beehive years ago, Adele seems to do it in a much more tasteful and realistic way . . . it doesn’t seem like she’s trying hard. The beehive and the bump just work for her. Maybe her inspiration was movie star Bridget Bardot who just radiates effortless sexiness no¬†matter what hairstyle she’s wears.

Rock Hudson in a Mens Retro Hairstyle

We can’t forget about retro hairstyles for men! With the creation of Mad Men, more and more celebrities, young and old, are rocking the Don Draper, suave, manly hairstyle. Celebrities of the 50’s and 60’s inspired the Mad Men look. Actor Rock Hudson was debonair and always well quaffed in his day. Now celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers, Zachary Quinto, and the boyishly handsome Zac Efron, are keeping their do’s slick and well kept to radiate that smooth confidence of the 60’s.