Hair Styles for School from Christina

Teen Girl Getting Her Long Hair Cut in Readiness for School

Teen Girl Getting Her Long Hair Cut in Readiness for School

School Hair Ideas From a Future Super Star

I get comments on both of my blogs,Visual-Makeover and Hairstyle Blog, from young girls and most of them are intelligent and thoughtful. But in all the years I have been writing blogs, I’ve yet to run across a young writer quite like Christina, from Canada. I’d like to introduce to you a future super star in the beauty and fashion editorial world.

I woke up this morning and checked the comments on Hairstyle Blog, as I do every morning, and I found the following comment on my article Back to School Hair Styles – Are You Ready?. What a wonderful piece of journalism, very well thought out and complete with DIY how-to instructions. I haven’t changed a thing, it is exactly as she wrote it. I was so impressed that I decided it was worthy of much more attention than just an ordinary comment buried amongst over 1,000 articles, so here it is.

I hope someday you’ll all remember that it was Visual-Makeover who brought you Christina Grasby to the fashion and beauty editorial scene. Thanks Christina!

Here is Christina’s article as she wrote it:

Hey girls. My name is Christina, I’m 12 years old and I have hair that is barely under shoulder length. I have a TON of hairstyles that I do with my hair. I’ll name off a simple few that you can do easily and quickly for school.

1. Pulled Back

Pin your bangs on the top of your head with a bobby pin or clip. Pull the hair in front of your ears back and pin it at the back of your head. Pull out the bobby pin holding your bangs and let them down. Pull the hair on top of your head in a backwards direction so it flows down the back of your head. Pin it down also with the two sides at the back of your head. That is one simple hairstyle for you.

 2. Pinned Back and Chick

Pull your bangs back and pin them in the top/middle of your head. Pull the sides of your bangs gently from the sides to make it wider, and then pull on it ever so slightly on the top of your bangs. Optional: Braid half of your bangs and then pin it on your head.

 3. Braidy

Take very small pieces of your hair, and braid them into small braids. Do this on random sections, it creates a normal look, but also looks like you took time to do it. Note: Do not put elastic on the ends of the braids, just do them small enough and tight enough and they won’t fall out easily.

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Thanks for reading! Hope this helped.

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