Short Hair Chic

Layered Wedge Hair Style

Short Layered Pixie Hair Style

Short Hair Styles Long on Glam Appeal

What is not to like about this great Pixie Chic look. Soft bits round out the face and add noticeable movement to this super-short layered pixie. The convertible fringe can be brushed back or smoothed to the side, but the best way to wear it is totally textured.

Classic 30's Bob Hair Style with Straight BangsSharp Idea

Ruler-straight strands form the basis of this precision haircut, inspired by the classic bobs of the ’30s. Bangs are taken from mid-crown and are cut perfectly blunt, while sides are snipped into chunky, cheekbone-hugging points.

Layered Wedge Hair StyleFast Forward

Play up cut-in movement by directing your rounded haircut forward all around. Working from a top central point, blow-dry for volume, pulling sections forward and turning ends under with a large round brush. To enhance detail in the finish, finger-comb with a touch of texture creme.

Blonde Short Crop Hair StyleTailor Made

Body-hugging fashions meet their match in carefully tailored hair that hugs the head and accommodates natural growth patterns. A tightly fitted nape enhances the neckline, while graduated sides add fullness when tucked back. Quick round brush styling is all it takes.

Layered Short Crop Hair Style with Long BangsCrown Heights

Pumped-up crown fullness takes center-stage here. The perfect for fine hair that tends to fall flat at longer lengths. Interior layers segue into lash-tickling bangs; a color mix of amber and deep brunette completes the dramatic picture.

Asymmetrical Pixie Hair Style with Side Swept BangsLayer Player

Overlapping layers curve over the head in this fully mobile asymmetrical pixie short hair style, which will look brand new every time you change the part. For high shine, use a round brush and hold large sections taut as you dry the roots, then move down the rest of the hair shaft.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications