Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Ellen Degeneres with a Faux Hawk Pixie Haircut

Jane Fonda in Short Hairstyle


Irresistible Short Hairstyles

There is no rule that says once you hit the big 5-0 that you have to cut your hair, but many women find that they older they get the busier they get.  And let’s face it, sometime shorter hair is just easier – it dries faster, it generally requires less styling time, and it can streamline the options that you have when getting ready for a look-good worthy event. Another plus on short hair for women over 50 is that shorter styles tend to accentuate the face and bone structure. As we get older our features can become more prominent and more angular as the collagen and sub-cutaneous fatty tissue tends to recede.  A shorter hairstyle can be more flattering, which can make us feel more vibrant and attractive.

If you are considering going short after years of long hair, why not start with a compromise. A chin length bob like Anna Wintour – and who knows more about looking good than Anna Wintour! – may be a great place to start.

Anna Wintour in a Short Hairstyle

Her cut draws attention to the jaw and lips, and provides a softness to the face. If you are feeling self conscious about lines on your forehead, bangs or whispy pieces are a much safer and less expensive alternative to Botox. A streamlined bob is also easy to style and maintain. Ellen Barkin achieves this same effect with a shorter, more angular version of the bob, which tends to suit her sharper personality as well.

Ellen Barkin in a terrific short hairstyle for mature women

Along the same lines of the blunt bob, a softer, messier style works well for older women. Helen Mirren’s soft layers and choppy cut are interesting, provide countless styling options, and look vibrant and energetic – which is just the attitude you want to have with your hairstyle and your life. The layers in this cut also add volume – something that many women over 50 want to create. You may have noticed that hair tends to thin and lose its fullness as we age, so cutting some depth and volume into the hair by adding layers can give the impression that your locks are thicker than they really are.

Helen Mirren in a short hairstyle

Going shorter on the hairstyle spectrum, Ellen Degeneres has a great cut that is both youthful, practical and shows off her face to perfection.

Ellen Degeneres a great short hairstyle for mature women

The longer in front, shorter in back style allows for a messy or sleeker look, depending on the occasion. (Notice the bangs and choppy front pieces covering the forehead . . .) If you prefer an even shorter cut, Annette Benning’s spikey pixie cut is modern and energetic and super easy to style. Just wash, work in a little gel or mousse for volume and you’re done.

Annette Benning in Short Hairstyle

If you are considering a hairstyle change now that you are over 50, keep the decision factors the same as you would when you were younger:  will it flatter my face, will it work with my lifestyle, and will it allow for different styles? If the answer is yes, it will probably be a great decision! For more great looks check out our Pinterest Ageing Gracefully Board.