Side Braid How-To

Dominique Alexis

Head shot of a young girl with a side braid hairstyle

The Side Braid Hair Style Made Easy

This is a Rihanna inspired, connected side braid hair style that I accomplished on long hair. Is it not beautiful?!

What I like about this hair style is that it’s super cute and is quick and easy to accomplish. Great for all ages, this side braid pulls hair out-of-the-way and keeps you looking fashionable at the same time.

For this hair style you’ll need:

  •  A wide tooth comb
  • A ponytail holder
  • Coconut oil (that’s what I use on her hair but feel free to use whatever you like to smooth your hair back)

The first thing I did to accomplish this look was create a three-inch part towards the left side of her hair. After that I did a simple Dutch braid on the left down past her ear. After that, I had her hold it then I repeated on the other side, pulling it over to her shoulder. Once the braids were close enough, I braided them together and over her shoulder.

It was super easy and makes an adorable school hairstyle or teen hairstyle!

Dominique AlexisGuest contributor Dominique-Alexis is a young, aspiring hair braider and hair stylist in the south who one day hopes to own her own natural hair salon that specializes in the care and keeping of natural, biracial, and curly hair. Check out her website & Facebook page for more natural hair styles, and much more!

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