Trend Report: Spring 2015 Hairstyles

Here is What to Watch For in Spring 2015 Hairstyles

The Spring 2015 runway shows provided a glimpse into the trending fashion for the upcoming season, but in doing so provided some insight into what is likely to be the spring 2015 hairstyle trends that will pervade the scene by then. The hairstyle choices are all over the place – from glam to edgy and everything in between, there is a trend to suit everybody’s style.

Here are some of the most notable hairstyle trends that experts are predicting to take center stage in Spring 2015.


Spring 2015 Hairstyles

Spring 2015 Hairstyles

Bedheads used to work only on the runway. But this time out, more and more women are daring to wear their hair with dramatic volume. You can create a beautiful mess in this beautifully undone look to make your entire ensemble look effortless.

Boho Waves

Spring 2015 Hairstyles

Spring 2015 Hairstyles

Beach waves are getting upstaged by a new hairstyle trend this Spring 2015 – boho waves. This type of hairstyle is characterized by barely-there waves cascading in a carefree manner. This hairstyle captures the free-spirited vibe of a bohemian goddess.

Deconstructed Braid

Spring 2015 Hairstyles

Spring 2015 Hairstyles

Braids are not going anywhere – at least not anytime soon! For Spring 2015, braids are taking it up to a whole new level. A deconstructed braid is characterized by having lots of volume and styled in a messy way. Prep your hair by using a texturizing spray to give it lots of grip and texture. Then, pull out small bits of braided hair to give it more volume.

Horizontal Braided Chignon

Spring 2015 Hairstyles braided chignon

Spring 2015 Hairstyles braided chignon2

Tired of styling your hair in the same old braids? Try this unique, but ultra creative way to braid your chignon. You might have heard of a braided chignon, but nothing quite like a horizontally braided chignon. It gives the right mix of edge and sophistication to your look with the hairstyle.

Off-center Part

Spring 2015 Hairstyles off center part

The main trend with Spring 2015 hairstyles is natural beauty. There is no better hairstyle to exemplify that than with an off-center parting. The look is characterized by a parting that is a bit to the center but not precisely neat. Hair that is also styled slightly askew works best for this kind of hair parting!

Slicked Back

Spring 2015 Hairstyles slicked back2

Mimic an out-of-the-water look with a slicked back hairstyle. This might be the most difficult to pull off from the trending hairstyles for spring 2015. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to wear this hairstyle as it showcases your facial features prominently. It is also most difficult to style. Finish it off with a hair gloss to give that healthy sheen to the hair.

Which of these spring 2015 hairstyles are you excited to try?

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