Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

How to Use Hairstyles to Look Younger

The right hairstyle is not necessarily the one that is the most popular at any given time, but rather the one that achieves the desired effect that the woman wants. For many women, the goal of a new haircut is to look younger, fresher, and fuller of life. However, for many of these women, their choice of hairstyle is based on popularity of the haircut instead of how it fits the person. In truth, there are many hairstyles that can make a woman look younger and while some may have fallen out of popular fashion, pairing the right haircut with the right woman will always be in style.

One hairstyle that works for some women in their quest to look younger is an incredibly simple change. Wearing the hair in a ponytail achieves a number of effects that can reduce the aging. When hair is pulled back, it naturally pulls the center of attention to the cheeks of the woman’s face by smoothing the lines that are around the forehead and eyes. In addition, an older woman who has wrinkles on her forehead can balance the look by having longer bangs that cover the wrinkles. The ponytail is a timeless classic and women from all corners of the globe have used it for centuries to create a more youthful and dynamic appearance.

For a woman with a longer face shape, a ponytail may stress the length and create more of an emaciated look, therefore another solution is needed. A longer face matches well with longer hair and the best way to create the illusion of youth is add a side part and sweep the bangs to one side. This will bring the focus of the face to the eyes and push attention away from crow’s-feet, wrinkles on the forehead, or other signs that usually seem with age. The swept bangs also create more contours and curves in the hairstyle, a big difference from straight cut bangs that can be too prominent or lifeless. With the side part, the face is framed asymmetrically and the entire dynamic of the hairstyle will make a woman appear more playful, a clear sign of youth.

The bob is one hairstyle that could either work wonderfully or fail miserably to make a woman look younger, largely depending on the facial shape of the woman and her bone structure. The bob certainly brings more attention to the face, but this does not always mean the eyes. The focus could also be on the forehead or cheek bones, both of which could show an older age than intended. On the other hand, women with good bone structure and a smaller or more rounded face, the bob can work wonders, creating the youthful image of short hair while still keeping a large sense of femininity and attractiveness.

With all hairstyles designed to make a person look younger, there are certain additions that should also be done for the best results. Adding highlights not only gives more light to a woman’s complexion, but also creates an aura around the face that helps to show youth. With any of the before mentioned hairstyles, the addition of highlights will only help to create a more youthful appearance and feeling.

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