Taylor Swift Curls: The Utimate Curly-Girl

Taylor Swift Spiral Curls

Taylor Swift Spiral Curls

Two of Taylor Swift’s Favorites

Taylor Swift‘s career is in full swing, garnering rave reviews from music critics and her legions of adoring fans. The incredibly talented, award-winning 21-year-old is one Mean singer—and she’s got stunning, naturally curly strands to match!

To get the lowdown on Taylor’s magnificent mane, we spoke to Kevin Mancuso, Creative Director for Nexxus, who’s one of her regular hair stylists. “Taylor’s hair is cut into long layers with a long side bang,” says Kevin. “It’s quite simple, which makes it really easy for her to change styles.” Here are two of her faves: Full, ultra-sexy waves—her trademark look—and smooth with a loose, iron-curled piece in front.

SMOOTH SPIRALS: “For hair like Taylor’s—fine, wavy, a lot per square-inch and color-treated—I like to use Nexxus Thermal Protection Mousse all over and some Pro Mend Leave In Treatment on the ends.

  • Blow hair dry with your head upside down, massaging the roots to give it some lift.
  • When roots are dry, stand up and use a round brush to smooth the ends. Thermal Mousse prevents hair from tangling, so it’s an easy brush-glide experience. It also protects hair from heat styling damage, which is really important to Taylor or any star who’s having her hair done on a regular basis.
  •  When hair is dry, apply a little more Pro Mend Leave In Treatment throughout—it repairs any splits and damaged areas along the shaft. Take a medium curling iron and spiral small sections diagonally with the iron pointed down. Tilt your head and wrap hair around the iron. A shot of Comb Thru Finishing Mist holds the defined spirals even longer.”

Taylor Swift with smooth hair with a loose, iron-curled piece in front

TAKING IT STRAIGHT? “The best thing to do is start with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, like Nexxus Sleektress and Humectress Deep Conditioning Treatment. They soften hair, detangle and cause frizz to relax, and you’ll also rely less on styling products to get it straight,” he says.

CURLY HAIR “MUST”:Curling irons are always used on stars with curly/wavy hair on the red carpet,” says Mancuso.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications. For pictures of great looks check out our Pinterest Curly Hairstyles, Wavy Hairstyles, and Celebrities Boards.

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