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Coarse Hair Texture

Hair Textures

Hair Texture is a Matter of Each Hair’s Width

Juliette-BinocheFine hair texture

Fine hair texture is very, very small in diameter, and tends to be weightless and flyaway. Frequently, it’s quite straight and won’t hold a curl easily. Fine hair generally takes chemical processes easily, but care must be taken in using perms, relaxers and other treatments. Due to the fine texture, this hair type is easily over-processed. Careful timing is essential to avoid over-processed, damaged hair.

Celebrities with fine hair texture: Juliette Binoche | Ashley Judd | Uma Thurman | Gwyneth Paltrow | Sharon Stone | Isabella Rosellini | Tyra Banks

Hair Textures
Medium hair texture

If your hair is not flyaway, or thick and coarse, it is a medium hair texture. This is sometimes referred to as “normal” texture. If this describes your hair, you should consider yourself lucky, as your hair texture is the most common and most manageable. This hair texture type is also the easiest to process. Medium hair texture tends to take perms and relaxers equally well.

Celebrities with medium hair texture: Claudia Schiffer | Mariah Carey | Janet Jackson

Hair Textures
Coarse hair texture

Coarse hair texture has a thick diameter, and often feels rough. Coarse hair is the strongest hair texture. This strength is a good thing, unless you are trying to use a chemical process, such as a perm or relaxer. Strong, coarse hair texture is also the most difficult to process. If you have coarse hair texture, you may find that it doesn’t always take a perm well, or more frequent perming is necessary.

Celebrities with coarse hair texture: Helena Christensen | Stephanie Seymour | Helena Bonham Carter