Easy Thick and Full Hair Styles

Attractive Woman with Beautiful Thick Full Bodied Hair Style

Attractive Woman with Beautiful Thick Full Bodied Hair Style

Fall is the Season for Thick Full Bodied Easy Hair

With fall on its way, a full-bodied, low maintenance look might be just what you’re looking for. Learn how to make your hair thick, full and touchable with a few easy tips . . . and make your morning routine a breeze.

Many so called “quick and easy” hairstyles wind up taking a lot of, well, effort. But these great fall looks really are all about ease. All you need to know is the right technique for your hair.

Woman with Beautiful Thick Full Bodied Short Hair StyleShort to Shoulder-Length Hair

Good news: You have the easiest hair type for this hair style, says Anthony Cristiano, a Chicago-based runway hairstylist. Just air-dry or blow-dry, tousle, and go.

  • If your hair is very fine, use a light volumizing spray on wet strands. For slightly longer lengths, spritz a lifting spray on damp roots.
  • Set your hair dryer on a warm or medium heat setting, and lightly blow your hair up. The key is to go against the direction of growth, to build body.
  • Gently lift hair with your fingers. And skip setting the style using heavy products. If you have fine hair that falls flat fast, however, mist on a light hair spray, like L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray, a favorite of runway hairdressers.

Attractive Woman with Beautiful Thick Full Bodied Long Curly Hair StyleLong, Curly Hair

The trick with this hair type is to start moisturizing it well in the shower, so it looks soft and not overly styled. “You want to work with your natural texture and enhance it,” says Luigi Murenu, a creative consultant for JohnFrieda based in New York City.

  • To relax ringlets into looser waves, comb a rich conditioner through your hair in the shower, allowing the steam to help seal in the moisturizers.
  • Apply a styling cream to damp hair post-shower to help prevent frizz.
  • Let hair air-dry, or blow-dry it with a diffuser. Don’t apply direct heat to your hair, says Cristiano. “Too much warm air opens up the cuticles and creates fuzziness. With a diffuser, you get a smooth, natural look.” Use your fingers to twist and stretch curls into a relaxed shape.

Attractive Woman with Beautiful Thick Full Bodied Long Striaght Hair StyleLong, Straight Hair

Give long, skinny strands a billowy look with these simple drying tricks from Cristiano.

  • Apply a volumizing product to damp hair, part it as you normally do, then twist it into a low, loose bun.
  • Let hair air-dry. Or, if time is an issue, gently blow it dry with a diffuser, directing warm air to the bun.
  • Undo the bun and loosen the waves with your fingers. For extra thickness, Murenu suggests spraying on a dry shampoo (he likes Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo). It helps dry up oils on the scalp that weigh down hair, and it also adds texture.
  • For more body around the crown, tease the hair. Work with small sections, starting two inches from the roots. Push a comb or a brush down to the scalp.

Article courtesy of RealSimple Magazine