Updo How-To: Upside Down Braid

How the Upside Down Braid Changed the Way I Think About Updos

A lot of us dream of mastering the art of braiding because there is something so cool and effortlessly chic about braided a hairstyle. But there is one particular type of braid that few women dared to conquer – the upside down braid. Most of you probably thought this was something that only the most skilled hands should take on. It’s one hairstyle that has gotten the hair-crazy world lusting after but could not quite replicate… until now!

Styling your hair in an upside down braid is actually easier than you think. It is a fun hairstyle to try if you want to mix things up, especially if you are bored with the same old French braid looks. It is basically the same series of steps only done in a different direction.

Upside Down BraidFollow these six easy steps to create your own upside down braid masterpiece and have everyone in awe about how you did your hair!

Step 1:

Upside Down Braid

You need to start by gathering the accessories or items you need to create the upside down braid hairstyle. These tools include a brush, a set of elastic bands, bobby pins, and optional items like hairspray or styling mousse. If you want to make your life easier creating the upside down braid, it is best to work with day old hair as freshly washed locks tend to resist styling.

Step 2:

Upside Down Braid

Gently brush your hair to get rid of any knots that might have formed. Prep your hair by working in a small amount of styling mousse. This will give more texture and grip to your hairstyle. Also, you can do a bit of teasing to enhance volume, especially around the top part of the hair/

Step 3:

Upside Down Braid

When you are done prepping your hair, divide it into two sections. Start from one side of the ear to the crown of the head and then the other side. Use a hair clip to secure one side of your hair at the crown area. Getting the hair out of the way makes it easier to braid your hair at the lower half.

Step 4:

Upside Down Braid

Flip your head to bring hair upside down. Then, brush your hair again to smooth out the strands as you begin to do a French braid. Start with the hair on the nape of your neck and continue braiding until you reach the crown. Use an elastic tie to secure the braided section of the hair.

Step 5:

Upside Down Braid

At this point, you can remove the clip that is securing your hair at the top of the head. Use an elastic band to tie the hair and the form a high ponytail with the braided hair together with the rest of your hair. From there, form your hair into a bun. If you have thin hair and want to add volume, you can use a bun roll. Use bobby pins to secure the hair in place. If you want to skip out on the bun roll, you can also try to tease the hair to create a somewhat messy look.

Step 6:

Finish off the style with a spritz of hairspray while you smooth the frizz.

Upside Down Braid

One of the reasons why the upside down braid has caught so much craze is due to its uniqueness. However, this hairstyle can also work for an elegant look without losing its versatility. It can be sophisticated and sleek but fun and relaxed at the same time. Wherever you go with this hairstyle, you are sure to turn a few heads!

Have you mastered the upside down braid?

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