Gatsby Inspired Vintage Hair Accessories

Vintage Hair Accessories-Barettes

Vintage Hair Accessories Get a Boost From Gatsby

Vintage and Old Hollywood styles have been having a day for some time now, but when The Great Gatsby reawakened with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carrie Mulligan it gave us all plenty of inspiration to work with. The roaring 20’s was a decade when women were reborn; they voted, cut their hair, socialized, went dancing and wore makeup. They became risk-takers and turned their ho-hum lives to the other extreme. It’s no surprise that this lifestyle brought us classic hair trends with exciting new hair accessories. Gatsby-inspired styles are anything but boring . . . and that goes for hair accessories too!Vintage Hair Accessories-Headbands

Vintage Hair Accessories – Head Bands

Headbands aren’t just for school girls anymore. Ms. Buchanan’s coquettish headpieces were the height of flirty frippery and made her look famous! Gatsby inspired vintage headbands are a breath of fresh air for any gal looking to add some 20’s pizzazz to her style and now there are plenty of them to choose from. Wear them with short, long, straight or curly hair, the beauty is . . . anything goes! These vintage headbands are made with feathers, flowers, starbursts, or sparkly gems that are Art Deco inspired. Wearing the “bridal tiara” for weddings only is a thing of the past. If you are bold, throw one on with a little black dress, or jeans, to add a vintage flair and show your incessant whimsical side.

Vintage Hair Accessories-Hats

Vintage Hair Accessories – Hats

Vintage hat anyone? Why not, when it can be this easy and look this good? A vintage hat does most of the work for you. The hat was huge in the 20’s, everything from wide brimmed straw sun hats embellished with flowers and bows, to felt caps with ribbons and pheasant feathers. To wear one in true 20’s form, it must be worn at a slant or pulled down low to invoke a seductive, mysterious look. Paired with a low ponytail or a classic 20’s roll, a vintage hat is the perfect retro accessory.

Vintage Hair Accessories-Barrette

Vintage Hair Accessories – Barrettes

An eye-catchy vintage barrette should be in every Gatsby gals stash of accessories whether small and subtle, or a larger splash of extravagance. Gatsby gals wore barrettes and clips smothered with lavishing pearls, art deco filigree, gems and feathers, to the most subtle bits of sparkle in their hair. These accessories are such an easy way to add a retro touch to your hairstyle . . . twist a tendril off your face, secure a bun, or sweep your fringe to the side and pin. A Gatsby inspired barrette will add a 20’s sophistication to your look, and give you vintage style even if you are wearing your favorite worn-out jeans.

Vintage Hair Accessories-Scarves

Vintage Hair Accessories – Scarves

If sparkle doesn’t do the trick and you lean more towards the Myrtle Wilson type of Gatsby style, you will need a head scarf! The fun is, you can dress it up or down and everyone can wear one regardless of hair type or length. Look for scarves with vintage patterns or two toned colors like Myrtles. You’ll find them at local vintage fashion stores or department stores. Worn as a halo on the forehead, scarves look Boho-chic. Or worn in between color appointments, they can hide some seriously dark roots, dirty hair or simply a bad hair day.

These Gatsby inspired hair accessories will tie together any retro ensemble you put on. With a flirty head piece, a tantalizing hat, or a glamorous bejeweled clip . . . you’ll radiate presence of a legendary era when women seemed a dream!