Celebs With the Same Hair Volume as You

Long Thick Hair

Long Thick HairHair volume is a matter of the number of hairs per square inch

Here’s an easy way to determine your hair volume: Pull your hair back into a ponytail. If the base of the ponytail is very slim—about the diameter of a dime—the hair volume would put you into the thin hair category. Another clue for thin hair volume: can you see your scalp when your hair is wet? If so, your hair is probably a thin hair volume type. If your ponytail is “two-fisted”—and looks almost like a true horse’s tail—your hair would be considered a thick hair volume type. When your hair is wet, it covers your scalp very well, without any of the scalp showing through. If you fall between these extremes, you have a medium hair volume type—medium hair is the most common hair volume type.

Juliette BinocheThin hair

Thin hair has strands that are very, very small in diameter. Thin hair tends to be weightless and may be flyaway. Frequently, thin hair is straight, and won’t hold a curl easily. You can volumize hair with blunt haircuts that capitalize on its often silky hair texture. Styling techniques, including combing and drying from the roots are helpful for volumize hair. Hair care products that reinforce thin hair include proteinized conditioners, light gels, and mousses—can also volumize hair’s “wimpy” looks. Avoid heavier hair care products, which will weigh the hair down. Thin hair has to be permed with extreme care to prevent damage.

Click on the name to see pictures of celebrities with thin hair volume type:

Juliette Binoche | Uma Thurman | Gwyneth Paltrow | Isabella Rosellini

Cameron DiazMedium Hair Volume

Medium hair volume type is the most versatile and has the widest range of possibilities, in terms of selecting a hair style. It’s the most common hair volume type and also the most manageable. Hair with medium hair volume generally holds a curl and takes well to chemical processes, including perms, hair relaxers and hair coloring. You can choose just about any hair style, experiment with a range of hair styles, and be thankful for your hair volume type.

Click on the name to see pictures of celebrities with medium volume hair:

Linda Evangelista | Lisa Kudrow Jennifer Aniston Cameron Diaz Heather Locklear Elle MacPherson | Demi Moore

Cindy Crawford

Thick Hair

Thick hair volume type is often very strong and you’re likely to have hard to manage hair. A thick hair volume may be overwhelming on someone with a slim frame and small face, particularly if the thick hair is also curly. The goal may be to reduce the thick hair volume, starting with the right haircut. A layered haircut can give thick hair more shape and direction, as well as reducing the thickness of the hair.

Layered haircuts in shorter and medium lengths are great for thick hair. Silkening hair care products—pomades, surfacers, and even strong hair gels can add control and manageability to thick hair. Very straight, thick hair is often resistant to perms, can be stubborn about holding a curl, and will most likely need frequent perming to maintain the thick hair’s new texture.

Click on the name to see pictures of celebrities with a thick hair volume type:

Michelle Pfeiffer | Mariah Carey | Cindy Crawford | Julia Roberts | Kirstie Alley


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