Make a Scene Stealing Entrance in these Wedding Hair Styles!

Gwen Stefani John Galliano Wedding gown

Short retro wedding hair style

Get ready for your big day! Choose a sexy, glamorous, soft and sweet, wedding hair style.

Wedding hair styles, like the ceremonies themselves, are becoming less structured, leaving brides with much more room to play with their wedding hair. Gone are the days when every hair had to be in place and sprayed so heavily that one wrong move and the groom could lose an eye when he dipped in for the big kiss.

Instead, styles in 2012 are loose and flowing. Messy hair, creative braiding and relaxed Grecian up-dos accented with jewels and ribbons are common sites in wedding hair photos. And retro is still very hot on the wedding circuit with tight pin curls and vixen waves ideally suited for brides with short hair.

Formal Braided hairstyle perfect for wedding hair

Braided Wedding Hair

Weave your long hair into French braids, Dutch braids, waterfall, fishtail or side braids. Braid the sides of your hair and drape them in the back, tied with jewels or bows to match your bridal colors. Long, loosely braided coils can be pinned up with flowers from your bouquet for idyllic wedding hair right out of a storybook. Your bridesmaid hairstyles easily complement your trendy braided wedding hair with tiny braids sewn lovingly with petals from their own flower arrangements. For more ideas on ideas for braids, I have written an article dedicates solely to braids.

A retro bob haircut, perfect wedding hair

Retro Wedding Hair

A caged veil seductively placed over a classic vintage bob will have guests gasping at your gorgeous wedding hair. Your makeup, done with the dark smoky lids and eye-widening false eyelashes snatched from a 1920s playbook will complement a well-placed curl as it swirls around your cheekbones. Carry the theme throughout and complement your retro hair style with daringly dark red lips and a figure-hugging satin gown. Bridesmaid hairstyles should follow suit, but with slightly less alluring accoutrements.

Messy Casual Wedding Hair

Messy Casual Wedding Hair

Your wedding hair should first and foremost reflect your style and your personality. After all, the big day is all about you. If you’re more of a wind-blown kind of gal who would rather be running barefoot on the beach than shopping all day in four-inch heels, go for the messy, casual look that reflects your style. Well-placed layers allow your hair to hang freely, while a beaded headband, soft hanging feathers or even sea shells, give your wedding hair just enough panache for the occasion.

Grecian Goddess Wedding Hair

Grecian Goddess Wedding Hair

This Grecian up-do works best on hair that hasn’t been washed for a few days. Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner prepares your hair for the process. Use a wire comb, tilted slightly back, on top of your head and pull your ponytail through, pinning the hair to form the crown around which you can wrap a natural or faux braid, jewels or flowers. Or, just wear multiple ribbons or headbands to complete the look. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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