Adorable Winter Hats for Warmth and Pretty

Winter Hats

Winter HatsWinter Hats Without Sacrificing Style and Flair!

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you must give in to the wise old adage, “form follows function,” at least not with these adorable winter hats! With headwear being an accessory in high demand, there is no need to spare warmth this winter by enduring the elements with your noggin fully exposed. You can look fabulous, seem a dream, and be warm all at the same time with any of these flirty winter hats!

winter hats

Photography: Studio threesixty5, Hair: Two Redheads and a Wolf, Makeup: Teneille Johnston Makeup Artistry, Model: Claire Bluhm, Clothing: La Rue Marche

sloucy winter hats 2 Winter Hats

Knit Slouchy Hats

These are comfy hats for any hair length. They are loose fitting so less damage will be caused to your hairstyle. To keep a feminine, soft look let the front and sides of your hair peak out the hat. Sweep bangs to the side, or a cute “curtain” bang is charming! Wear it back on your head a bit and bring the “slouch” in the back over to one for an asymmetric look. Long brushed out curls and waves look great with these winter hats. Wear a low pony or a low side pony, braid or bun for an effortlessly cool, chic look!

Winter Hats

Trapper Hats

Talk about warm and cozy! And, they come in so many variations now, too. From leather to fur, to knit, to cute little tassels of all kinds. These totally cover your head so if you have short hair, I mean like pixie short, and prefer to have some hair showing, this may not be the best option for you. But, even if you have just a little bit of length around your face, as with an inverted bob, pull those pieces out and you are set. Add a little wave for a light, uncomplicated look. Long hair of any sort works with these hats. Try a low or side pony braided or not, pig tails . . . cute, cute, cute and what a statement!

winter hats

Ear Muffs and Winter Headbands

Both options are great for being able to still wear your favorite “up style” and not risk messing up your masterpiece. Cute headbands or earmuffs are also great for short hair styles because they allow for the lowest amount impact on your hair. The head bands with a button are my favorite; you get your hairstyle just how you want it, wrap it around your head, button in and go! Then to take it off just unbutton it leaving your hairstyle virtually untouched. Both come in a plethora of adorable, unique styles. Earmuffs just aren’t what they used to be.

winter hats


Yep, that’s what they are called – Snoods! They are like a scarf and hoodie all in one. When all else fails, a snood will always do. They are great for any hairstyle because they just sit on your head like a light hood, without much hindrance on your hairstyle. Ultra warm, comfy and a staple winter accessory for any gal – a must have!

Now when you get to where you are going and have to take your warm and coziness off, have some tools with you – a small brush or comb and a travel size bodifying dry shampoo and hairspray. Bring some life back to your hair with the dry shampoo and touch it up with a brush or comb and some hairspray and you are set. If you haven’t tried the “brushed out curls” look, I suggest doing so. A lot of headwear looks great with a curled look and those curls are the easiest to touch up after taking your winter accessory off because you can literally run a brush through the curls adding life back to your hair and putting everything back in place. YouTube “brushed out curls”. There are numerous tutorials on how to get the look. Find the one that works best for you.

Contributing author Tasia Ashton Owner Two Redheads and a Wolf, Entrepreneur Hair Stylist by Trade 10 year licensed cosmetologist, studied at Aveda Institute Minneapolis, business owner since 2006. Learn more about TRW on their website and like them on Facebook.