5 Chic Workday Hairstyles That Get You Out The Door

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5 Easy Workday Hairstyles That Won’t Keep You Up at Night

If you are working on a 9-to-5 basis, you probably lead a pretty hectic lifestyle. Your mornings can get a little too crazy as you try to beat through morning rush hour and you probably don’t have any extra time for hair styling in the morning. However, getting beautiful hair and a chic workday hairstyle during the work week should not entail more time than you can afford. Beautifully styled hair is of the essence, though, as it makes you look pulled together and more confident. Hence, it is important to invest a little bit of time from your routine to create that perfect workday hairdo.

Here are a few hairstyles that you can incorporate into your work week habit to feel more beautiful and confident, without spending hours trying to get your style right.

Mini Fishtail Braid

mini fishtail a great workday hairstyle

mini fishtail workday hairstyle

Braiding your hair into a full fishtail can take up a lot of time, it’s not something you can deny. Hence, you can beat the morning rush by opting for a mini fishtail. You can do a side braid or braid the hair that hangs off your half-up, half-down hair. Either way, the fishtail braid accents help to give more oomph to your hairstyle without trying too hard. In fact, any braided accents to your hair can make it look like you spent hours trying to style it when you really did not.

Slicked Back Half Ponytail

slicked back half pony an easy workday hairstyle

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is a favorite for women who are on-the-go. But if you continually style your hair this way, it can get boring over time. Give a sultry and sexy spin to your favorite hairstyle by styling it slick. Use styling products like mousse or pomade to achieve that sleek finish to your hair before pulling the upper portion of your hair and wrapping it into a ponytail. Allow the rest of your hair to fall loose. This makes for a sophisticated look in the workplace so you always look confident.

Gilded Ponytail

gilded ponytail an easy workday hairstyle

gilded ponytail an easy workday hairstyle

Ponytails are associated with a casual and somewhat undone look. Why not play it up some more by using a sleek metallic cuff to wrap your ponytail instead of the usual elastic tie? This can take the ho-hum out of your ponytail and make it look fun and interesting! It can work for a chic hairstyle to give that confident look, but also transitions for some drinks later on in the night.

Double Ponytail

double ponytail - workday hairstyle

And still on the subject of ponytails, another easy workday hairstyle you can try would be a double ponytail. This is a trick used to enhance volume in your ponytail and make it look fuller. But this one is a bit more modern and edgy because instead of joining together two different ponytails to form one, you can see the individual ponytails joined together.

To create this hairstyle, form two ponytails: one at the upper half and another on the lower half. You can also tease your hair beforehand if you want to pump up the volume. Secure the top pony first and then work on the ponytail at the bottom. When you are done, bring the two ponytails together and tie them with an elastic band.

Soft Waves

soft waves an easy workday hairstyle

Easy workday hairstyle

This is the ultimate hairstyle for workday women and probably no other hairstyles on this list exude effortlessly chic style. It is also a good hairstyle to transition from day to night. The versatility of the hairstyle (works for short to long hair) is another plus.

To create the soft waves, you can try braiding your hair and then running the flat iron on the hair while it is braided. Spritz an adequate amount of hair spray for hold. Remove the braids and allow your curls to fall loosely.

You can also try using the small bun method wherein you form hair (mostly around the ends) into a small bun. Leave your hair in this position for a few minutes. You can also sleep on your hair in a bun. The next morning when you wake up and release the buns, you will find beautifully soft waves. Finish off with a hair serum for that smooth finish and a hairspray to make it hold longer.

What is your favorite hairstyle to wear during the work week?

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