10 Hottest Home Decor Trends of 2019

Home decor trends, like everything else, are ever changing. The trick to infusing your home with a style that doesn’t require constant updating is to find timeless pieces.

Adding elegant touches to your current style will keep your home looking modern without costing a fortune. According to the top home designers, less is more when it comes to trendy decorating.

And, while a few eclectic pieces can give a room character, too much can make it seem chaotic. Here’s latest in what’s hot this season in home decor

Color Pop

One brightly colored, textured lamp or vase, can represent your creative personality. Steer clear of too many contrasting colors, which tend to restrict the flow of the room.

Highlighting your home with bright, colorful statement pieces can make the rooms pop. Using vibrant, striking accessories draws the eye to the finer details.

Spring is HERE

Pastels, soft fabrics, and flowery prints add warmth and vitality to any space, particularly in spring. Fresh flowers and plants represent life in bloom. Light pinks, soft blues, and lavender hues all provide a peaceful quality to any area in your home.

Welcome the season by giving your home a spring makeover. But be careful and use contrasting elements. An abundance of soft colors (colors, fabrics) can become a bit child-like.

Coastal Themes

Endless blue skies, snow white sand as far as the eye can see, and waves lapping at the shore lend themselves to a maritime theme in the home.

Bringing the ocean vibe to your living space creates a relaxing ambiance with a playful undertone. Using nautical decor brings the beach to you no matter where your home is located.

Using small details and fusing them with cool colors like sky blue, emerald green,and crisp white can help create the ultimate beach vacation without ever having to leave the house.


To incorporate cement, you don’t have to run out and get a mixer. Many people that have concrete walls or flooring visible in their home are inclined to cover it up.

However, concrete can be beautiful. Featuring small cement-like accents can leave you with a streamlined, sleek appearance that is both timeless and trendy, especially if you add a vivid statement piece!.


When you think rustic, you probably envision an old farmhouse. A few wood pieces can lend themselves to a comforting, homey feel.

Intricate wooden accessories, like simple yet sophisticated wooden plant stands, or real wood wall hooks, add a nostalgic touch without being overpowering.

Tip: staining your old furniture can rework it, rivaling pieces out of a
country home magazine.

Artistic Fixtures

Having unique, artsy lamps and light fixtures can sets the mood of the entire room. There are various lighting options that would complement other trends, such as modernizing the rustic look.

However, the beauty of this one is that the old-time rustic decor stands alone perfectly.

Whatever look you’re designing, let your bright lights shine by incorporating lamps and lighting that reflects your taste.

Copper and Brass

In 2018, rose gold accents were huge! As beautiful as rose gold is, trends are
beginning to shy away from that material. Copper and brass are regaining popularity.

Using brass or copper shower fixtures, can add an air of elegance and fits well with any decor, especially concrete and rustic designs.

Black and White Decor

Elegant black and white furnishings, like a bold throw rug, will always be trendy while remaining timeless.

Intermingled with one or two (or three!) of this year’s other home decor themes will have you feeling like interior designer — with results you’ll be proud to show off.

Geometric Patterns

Bold colors with oversize patterns are not new. Mix and match colors, patterns, and fabrics to put your own unique spin on any room.

Geometric patterns are a chic way to make any piece of home decor stand out. Using throw pillows adds a sense of charm to a space.

Remember that geometric patterns can clash, creating chaos in your peaceful place.

The 70’s

Previously popular design styles are always being reworked and brought back, whether in fashion or home design. The nostalgic era of choice in today’s design trends highlights features from the 1970s.

Velvet fabrics, funky textures, and eccentric color pairings showcase your sense of style. Lightly embellishing any room with touches of the disco days adds personality to your home interior.

Whether starting from scratch or just looking to revamp your current style, using one or more trends in moderation is the key to avoid a cluttered, dizzying design.

Celebrate the fun in redecorating. Your home doesn’t have to look like a magazine cover, but your home’s decorative elements should reflect who you are creatively.

Don’t strain your brain trying to conceive the perfect concept for dressing your sacred space. There are ample resources online and in print, including self-help books that can help you achieve the personalized look you want.