Preparing Your Home The Right Way for a Quick Sale

When it’s time to sell your home and move, a quick look around can make the entire process seem daunting. However, getting your home ready for sale doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

If you’ve ever visited a model home and could envision yourself living there, what you saw was carefully positioned furniture and cleverly placed accessories to enhance the features of the home.

Developers go to great lengths to have experienced decorators decide on the colors for the walls and bring in the most inviting furnishings from a vast collection.

In addition, it’s normal for you to walk on high-quality carpets, imported tiles and marvel at the beautiful kitchen cabinets as well as the professional-grade range and refrigerator.

This attention to the most appropriate decoration extends to every room in the home, the bedrooms, the bathrooms and any bonus rooms the home may have. Bottom line is: It helps sell houses.

Your home may not look quite like the model homes you’ve seen, but you can do a great deal to make it come close.

It doesn’t have to be difficult either. It’s not nearly as hard as you may think. Here are a few tips to stage your home for a quick sale:

Home staging and decor

If home decorating and staging is not in your wheelhouse, you may find it worth the extra expense to hire a decorator or stager to come in.

Many have a warehouse of furnishings and accessories, which allow them to furnish your home like a model home. That expense may well be returned when you sell for top dollar.

Many homeowners prefer to try to make their home as presentable as possible without spending the extra money, money they may not have to spend anyway.

You may not have to pay a decorator to come in and revamp the home before you place it on the market by following some of these simple guidelines.

Here are things you can do yourself, or have done at a reasonable cost.

Clean the carpets

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional doesn’t cost a great deal, and if possible, that’s the way to go.

If you really can’t afford to pay for carpet cleaning, many stores rent carpet cleaners and everything you’ll need to do the job yourself.

It’s not much different than vacuuming and in no time, your carpets will look and smell great.

Of course, if the carpets are beyond presentable with a simple cleaning, it may be worth considering replacing the carpets altogether.

Personal possessions

Here’s another easy thing you can do yourself. Well, easy if you don’t allow sentiment to deter you.

Remove all the photos of family and friends. Anything personal should be removed. That would include trophies and anything else of a personal nature.

With the walls bare, you may want to repaint them. Painting has never been easier than it is now.

A short consultation with a local paint store dealer can help you with everything you need for less money.

You can find an amazing assortment of framed pictures at thrift shops. These can be picked up for only a few dollars and your walls will look completely different.


Make sure your couch and other furnishings look their best. Polish all the wood and vacuum the overstuffed pieces.

Any home furnishing stores will have many accessories you can use to add an extra punch of newness, such as a few colorful throw pillows for the couch.

Perhaps an attractive table runner for your dining room table will do the trick.

A few inexpensive throw rugs will add some color to your floors, upstairs and downstairs.

A new lamp or two will also help. Lighting stores have a great selection of lamps to brighten your home.

Remember, all these things go with you when you leave, so you’ll want to bear that in mind in choosing every new piece you buy. Ceiling fixtures will stay with the home.

Personal belongings

Be careful to organize everything in your closets as much as possible. You may want to pick up a few attractive baskets or bins.

Pack away all the small things lying around in closets and bedrooms so that every room is as neat and uncluttered as possible.


After you thoroughly clean the bathrooms, a rubdown with wax paper can do wonders to polish all the faucets, etc. and it also helps them stay clear of water drops for a while too.

New bath mats will be helpful as well as your best towels on any towel racks.

The kitchen

Together with the baths, the kitchen is extremely important. Even if your living room rivals the best model home decoration, an untidy kitchen can negate all that.

The kitchen range and refrigerator door should be cleaned and polished. The kitchen sink should, of course, be clear of dirty dishes and here too, wax paper can polish off the fixtures to make them look their best.

A good polish job on your stained wood kitchen cabinets will do wonders. Your hardware dealer can help you with the wood stain.

Prospective buyers look everything over carefully. If there is anything that bothers you, there’s a good chance it may bother them. Anything that needs repair should be attended to.

Once your house is sold, it’s almost a certainty that you’ll have to take care of the needed repairs anyway. Fixtures such as mini-blinds that are bent or broken should be replaced immediately.


What visitors see from the street may keep them driving right on past your home.

You may not be able to paint the house, but you can make sure the landscaping is as neat as possible. Shrubs should be trimmed, and the lawn trimmed.

A good landscaper can do wonders for that extra boost in curb appeal.

Home staging doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s just a matter of paying attention to a few details.

That “for sale” sign in the front yard may bring home seekers in, but what they see inside will be what leads them to a decision.